The Birthday Girl

Happy haapy birthday to my beautiful sister!!!
Yoko came out for the weekend
so we sisters could hang out together.
So glad she did so we could celebrate her birthday, too!
We like to use the exact number of candles on the cakes.
No 2 big candles and 8 small candles for us.
We stuck 28 tall candles in that cake for Yoko.
(thus the large flame…haha)

We had a good laugh over the blazing flame
that got bigger with each pictures I took.
Glad I got the longer candles or we wouldn’t have any cake left!
Happy Birthday Yoko!!!
May You Have The Best Year Ever!!!

The Nabe Night

Guess what we had for dinner today?
Kimchi Nabe!!!

Making nabe (pronounced “Nah-Beh”) is so simple and
it’s the best dish to make when you have people over.
It’s really easy to adjust the amount you make
and all you have to do is cut everything up.
I think that’s why it’s so popular in Japan.
Plus there’s tons of soups to choose from.
My favorites are Kimchi, Tomato Cheese, and Soy.
I know, they sound pretty gross.
But call yourself a fool and try it once.
I promise you’ll soon be a nabe-lover like us 😀
We also love mikan.
(They’re like mandarins…small and seedless.)
Everyone eats mikan in Japan during the winter.

Growing up in a family of six,
we would always get mikan by the boxes.
But we would eat them like starving hyaenas
that they never lasted long. 
Looks like somethings don’t change.

The Day at Tokyo Disney Sea

We had so much fun!!!!
I love these girls so much.
Nothing can be better than
hanging out in the magical land of Disney
with your sweet sisters and BFF.

One of the things I love about Disney resort
is that everyone is SO NICE!!!
And not just the people who work there,
like literally EVERYONE.
It must the the magical atmosphere or something.
We were trying to take a group picture and
a couple walking by just stopped on their way to the entrance
and asked if they could take a picture for us.
I love small things like that.

Yoko got the cutest Duffy popcorn basket!
We ate two flavors.
Apple Cinnamon and Indian Curry.
I’ve always loved Indian Curry flavor
but the new Apple Cinnamon was really good, too!
Tasted like Christmas 🙂

We rode such random rides!
Tower of Terror
Jasmine’s Flying Carpets
Storm Rider
Center of the Earth

The girls put up with all my pictures (haha) and
we pretty much talked and ate
all the way through waiting in lines for rides.
I just shake my head when I see people
waiting in line together and
they’re all staring at their cellphones.
(Am I weird and old fashioned?)
Since we all live apart and don’t get together that often
it was great to catch up with what we’ve been doing
and share all those crazy stories.

We had a blast, Disney Sea, and we will be back 🙂

The Belgian Tree

Traditional Christmas trees are the best.
The smell is great and it looks fantastic when all lit up.
But since I’ve never seen a place in Japan
that sells real Christmas trees (do we even have them?),
you have to get creative.
And although our fake Christmas trees are pretty awesome,
I find myself going for the crafty artsy type more often than not.
So when I spotted this article,
I literally gasped!
Look at this gorgeous Christmas tree made from tea cups and plates!
This tree was designed by MOOZ for a small town in Belgium.

Apparently these cups and plates were donated by local residents
and about 5,000 of them are used to decorate this 30 ft tree.


We could never do this here in Tokyo.
Earthquakes and precious china do not mix well.
But what a great idea!
Absolutely love it.

The Christmas Package

Look what Erika sent me!!!
You know how I love getting mail
in this age of emails and text messages.
And getting a Christmas package made it extra special!
My new favorite OPI nail polish is named
“It’s My Year (purple)” and “Fresh Frog of Bel Air (green).”
(OPI nail polish always has the best names!)
Of course I wrote a message on Erika’s facebook page
saying “thank you” and “I love it” and all that.
And she was like
“Why did you open it before Christmas?”
I had to laugh.
Living in Japan has taken it’s toll on me.
The thought of keeping it unopened until Christmas
didn’t even occur to me when I got it. haha.
But seeing as I will be working on Christmas day
I’m guessing I should be able to open it today!
I really loved everything, Erika!!!
Thank you!!!

The Hexenhaus

Lisa Naomi and I headed to Yurakucho
to see the display of the Muji Homemade Town.
Did you know that ‘Hexenhaus’ means ‘Enchanted House’ in German?
Well, this miniature town was just that…enchanting!

This display has about 100 handmade hexenhause
and used over 15,000 cookies.
There’s even a train circling the town tracks!

Did I mention that this display smells great, too?
I could just walk around looking at the details for hours.
Fortunately, my sister was there to drag me away
so other people can have a look.
It was a pretty popular spot in the store!
Oh and did I mention that
if you take a picture of the display
and post it on instagram with the hashtag #mujixmas
it will be displayed online on their website?
(like mine!!! top left pic!!!)
All this is so much fun that
it’s making me want to get my hands on
a hexenhaus kit for christmas!