The Christmas Package

Look what Erika sent me!!!
You know how I love getting mail
in this age of emails and text messages.
And getting a Christmas package made it extra special!
My new favorite OPI nail polish is named
“It’s My Year (purple)” and “Fresh Frog of Bel Air (green).”
(OPI nail polish always has the best names!)
Of course I wrote a message on Erika’s facebook page
saying “thank you” and “I love it” and all that.
And she was like
“Why did you open it before Christmas?”
I had to laugh.
Living in Japan has taken it’s toll on me.
The thought of keeping it unopened until Christmas
didn’t even occur to me when I got it. haha.
But seeing as I will be working on Christmas day
I’m guessing I should be able to open it today!
I really loved everything, Erika!!!
Thank you!!!

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