The Nabe Night

Guess what we had for dinner today?
Kimchi Nabe!!!

Making nabe (pronounced “Nah-Beh”) is so simple and
it’s the best dish to make when you have people over.
It’s really easy to adjust the amount you make
and all you have to do is cut everything up.
I think that’s why it’s so popular in Japan.
Plus there’s tons of soups to choose from.
My favorites are Kimchi, Tomato Cheese, and Soy.
I know, they sound pretty gross.
But call yourself a fool and try it once.
I promise you’ll soon be a nabe-lover like us 😀
We also love mikan.
(They’re like mandarins…small and seedless.)
Everyone eats mikan in Japan during the winter.

Growing up in a family of six,
we would always get mikan by the boxes.
But we would eat them like starving hyaenas
that they never lasted long. 
Looks like somethings don’t change.

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