That Random Week in June

Sometimes nomikai’s are on Mondays.

Nothing gets me through the rainy season
like the beauty of hydrangeas.

Tomato & basil grilled cheese sandwich.
Loved using my basil plant.

Love those days when you get to take home
a bunch of flowers from work.

Found a book I’ve been wanting to read.

Hydrangeas, even prettier in the rain.

Memo to self.

Heading out with a suitcase.
Feels like travelling but
really just letting my friend borrow it.

Lunch with bff M is always a blast!


That Weekend with my BFF

*Throwback Thursday: I’m slowly (very slowly) going to be bringing my old posts to this blog.
My bff S came to stay with me this weekend!
We talked non-stop
and didn’t stop until 3am.
This is really nothing new though.
Even in our high school dorm, once we got started
pretty much nothing could shut us up.
Just like old times. x
S’s husband and another high school friend
came to Tokyo the next day.
So we all met up for brunch in Harajuku!
It’s always like this
when I meet up with old friends.
So many years have passed
but it only seems like yesterday we were together.
And so much has changed in all of our lives
but it seems like we’re still the same.
So odd.
At the same time
something I weirdly cherish.