The Hexenhaus

Lisa Naomi and I headed to Yurakucho
to see the display of the Muji Homemade Town.
Did you know that ‘Hexenhaus’ means ‘Enchanted House’ in German?
Well, this miniature town was just that…enchanting!

This display has about 100 handmade hexenhause
and used over 15,000 cookies.
There’s even a train circling the town tracks!

Did I mention that this display smells great, too?
I could just walk around looking at the details for hours.
Fortunately, my sister was there to drag me away
so other people can have a look.
It was a pretty popular spot in the store!
Oh and did I mention that
if you take a picture of the display
and post it on instagram with the hashtag #mujixmas
it will be displayed online on their website?
(like mine!!! top left pic!!!)
All this is so much fun that
it’s making me want to get my hands on
a hexenhaus kit for christmas!

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