That Afternoon in Hiroshima

After spending time with our sister at her high school
we hopped on a train to head downtown.
I still can’t believe we did all this in a day.
The rural train takes forever to get to the city
but I loved watching the scene pass us by.
My sister opted to take a nap 🙂
Once we were in the city
we took a walk around the Hiroshima peace park.
I adore the architecture of the museum.
Tange is a genius.
We also saw the genbaku dome at dusk.
The only building left standing in the area
after the first atomic bomb on August 6th, 1945.
I will forever pray for peace.
We caught the bus out of the city
and head to the airport to catch our flights.
But before we left, we bought momiji manju
which is a must souvenir in Hiroshima.
And we might have eaten onomichi ramen, too.

That Hiroshima Nostalgia

My sister Y and I went to Hiroshima for a day
to see our other sister in high school.
It’s been a while since we’ve been back at our school.
(We all went to the same high school, in case you couldn’t tell.)

Walking through the campus,
down the Cinderella stairs (below).
It all brought back old memories of my time there.
It was odd in the sense that
nothing seems to have changed.
And yet everything has.
How every one seems to be a stranger
but familiar at the same time.

More than anything though
it was great to see our sister enjoying her school life.