The Day by the Waves of Kamakura

What is summer without the ocean?

There was a beach volleyball tournament at the beach in Shonan, which we went to see. Kugenuma Beach is the super popular spot where everyone comes to swim, surf and party in the summer. As you can imagine, it’s pretty darn crowded.

After some time watching the volleyball games, we headed down the coast towards Kamakura.

Now Shichiri-ga-hama Beach is more my style. There aren’t as many people, due to the lack of shower facilities. Just local surfers and an occasional bbq going on. The sand is almost black and the waves are strong and constant. I’ve always loved this spot to look out to sea.

Did I also mention that you can see Mount Fuji from the beach? It looks incredibility close from here, which I love.

Which beach is more your style?

Here are some photos:

2-1-12 Shichiri-ga-hama, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa JAPAN
TEL: 0467 32 9777
HOURS: 8:00am-8:00pm (10am-8pm on week days in the winter)

That Afternoon Exploring Kamakura

R is back in Japan!
My grade school friend from Michigan
came to visit Japan this month.
He used to teach English
in Hiroshima for a bit.
And this was his first time back since he left.
So he is going to be travelling around
catching up with friends…
and one of them being me! 😀 
I took a day off from work
so we could go explore Kamakura!
One of my favorite places.

We got off at Kamakura Station
and decided to find a place to eat lunch.
We wandered around a bit
but it was worth it.
We discovered a
tiny Japanese restaurant called
Hisa-moto (ひさ本).
They had only counter seats.
R got the Oyako-don
and I got the Tamago-don.
So good.
Of course R being who he is,
he befriended the man sitting next to us
And soon they were sharing sake! 😀

After a fun and delicious lunch
we hopped on the Enoden for Hase station.
I wanted to show R the Great Buddha at Kotoku-in (高徳院).
I’d actually never seen it before either.
Buddha looked very peaceful, if you were wondering.

We later hopped on the Enoden again.
Got off at Shichiri-ga-hama station
to hang by the beach to see the sunset.
It was the perfect place to relax
after a full day of walking.
And gosh the sunset was a stunner!

Exploring a place is always fun,
especially with friends.
But exploring a part of Japan
with my grade school friend from MI?
So surreal.
So fun.
Pretty much the best time ever!
We headed back into the city
and stopped by a small bar with live music.
R is an incredible piano player.
Seriously, he can pretty much play anything.
So of course we made him get up there to play, too!
Pretty lady singing jazz
salary men doing rock n roll.
It was a fabulous night full of music.
I loved every minute of it! x

2-10-9 Komachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa JAPAN

TEL: 0467 22 1548