That Year End Kyoto Walk in a Kimono

What do you do when your BFF is in Kobe
when you’re in Osaka?
Go to Kyoto together, of course!
We’ve always talked about renting a kimono for a day.
So we did exactly that…and had the best time!

Our first stop was Kiyomizu-dera (清水寺).

We were walking towards Gion when we spotted
a beautiful path with colored leaves.

It was freezing outside
and at one point, it started snowing.
But we had such a great time in our kimonos.
We are definitely doing this again. x

That Christmas Holiday in Osaka

Heading home for Christmas!

One of the great things about a window seat.
This fantastic view!

Finally got my hands on an ICOCA.
This view from the river says
“you’re home” to me.

Ever since I started living on my own
Christmas has been just a regular day at work.
But this year I took a few extra days off
so I could go home for Christmas.
Before I know it, I am helping out at church,
standing at the reception desk of the Christmas concert.
Feels like home 😀
Merry Christmas! x

That Weekend Sleepover with Birthday Cake

Sisters sleepover at my place!
One in Tokyo,
another in Ibaraki,
and the third in Hiroshima.
Because we’re always so far apart
sleepovers like this are special occasions.

A tiny bit late but…
we celebrated Y’s birthday, too!


We took tons of sleepover snapshots
which, of course, I feel obligated to should share.

We talked a lot
slept a lot.
And had pancakes for breakfast.
Yay for sleepovers! x

That Winter Afternoon with My Sister

So crazy to think that my sister is in high school.
She started her winter break
and is staying with me in Tokyo for a bit.
We watch Friends episodes together.
Apparently a 13 year difference doesn’t affect
the popularity of this classic tv series. Ha.
My sister is super cool and casual.
Nothing like me in high school.
Looking forward to seeing how she matures and grows. x