The Citrus From Ehime

Did your mama ever tell you not to play with your food?
Well sometimes the temptation is too great. Especially when your parents send you a package full of citrus. And believe me you, I was already devouring one mikan after the other while having fun with these citrus slices!
You may already know that Ehime is the top prefecture to produce citrus fruits in Japan. My parents (who live there) have several types of orange trees and lemon trees in their back yard, as do many others. 
I love the 100% orange juice made by Ehime Beverage, Pom Juice (ポンジュース). That is my go-to orange juice. Do you know the story behind the name Pom?
The company wanted the orange juice to become “Nippon-ichi,” meaning number one in Japan. So they took the Pon from Nippon-ichi, which later changed to Pom (something to do wih the word Pomelo), in hopes that the juice would become a hit. It certainly did for me!
Anyways, sometimes it’s fun to play with different citrus fruit while you’re eating them. They look so pretty. So much so that I even made a video of the oranges dancing away!
Also, I feel I should add that they tasted great, too! x
Here are some photos:

The Quote By Wu Hsin


I just stumbled upon this quote this morning and it was just what I needed today.

It’s from a book called “Aphorisms for Thirsty Fish” by Wu Hsin, the work of a mysterious Daoist in ancient China. No, I’ve never read his book (although I have now downloaded a sample on my kindle and put in on my find-in-a-bookstore list), but it was featured on my new favorite tumblr, The Highlights of My Day.

Being in that current season of change when winter turns to spring, with an old fiscal year ending and stepping into a new one, having to look back and set new goals, my head tends to be full of what-should-I-do’s and what-do-I-want’s. Not to mention the am-I-good-enough-for’s.

I’ve always been a worrier, especially when it comes to things out of my control. Which is ridiculous because those are the things that you can least prepare for by worrying. And when I look back on changes in my life, it always comes out of nowhere and I am actually quite adaptable (must be that nomad upbringing). So that’s even more reason not to worry.

But sometimes I do anyway.

Maybe I’m stubborn that way. I don’t know. But this quote has reminded me that yes, there are better things to think about than myself. So many things to be thankful for and to look forward to during this season of change.

So I think I’ll just empty my thoughts and just enjoy the beautiful spring day today!

What kind of thoughts are in your head lately? Are you a worrier?

This is why I walk to work…blooms everywhere! x

The Tuna Bora Illustrations


I have never been able to draw so I’m always absolutely in awe of anyone who can. Especially portraits. I feel like it takes a lot to capture someone’s facial expression and characteristics than, say, a building.

I stumbled upon these gorgeous illustrated portraits of musicians by Tuna Bora on her facebook page. How awesome is her name and is it possible it’s her real name? She is apparently an Istanbul born artist currently based in Los Angeles.

I love her use of colors, don’t you?

Marcus Mumford

Daft Punk


Dev Hynes

PS: Her sketchbook is pretty darn amazing, too!

The Results of Stress Baking

I’ve always liked the process of baking something.

But I’ve come to realize that I stress bake. I’m not even sure that’s an official word, but I tend to bake when I’m stressed. And because winter is not my best season, I’ve been baking like a maniac for the last month or so.

The good thing is, it always makes me feel better and I get something yummy to eat!

I think it’s the whole process of measuring, mixing, kneading, whisking. It’s a great stress reliever. Not to mention the aroma therapy of baked goods that fills my apartment once it’s in the oven.
What are some of the things you do to de-stress? And since winter is not yet over…do you have a good recipe of something for me to bake? 😀

The Week I Started Running

I cannot believe this but I’ve started exercising on my own.
My boss, who is an exercise freak, told me that running was the best way to get into shape. So I tried running…but it was SO BORING! Oh, and also very tiring. So I looked into running. And a certain website suggested that beginners start by running 5 minutes and walking 5 minutes and so on to get used to running. This sounded easier so that’s what I’ve been doing. And it’s been GREAT!!!
I get to run for exercise and fast walk while exploring different parts of my city! This regime is perfect for me. I’m going to try to fit in 3 to 4 runs/walks a week and taking pictures every time to motivate myself (i.e. pressure myself to keep up the run/walk). So far so good.
We’ll see how long this lasts 😀

The Gold’s Gym

I never thought this day would come…but I’ve joined a gym!!!
That’s right, a gym. And not only any old regular gym but the scariest and most unappealing gym in the world, Gold’s Gym (unless your into body building, of course).
I don’t even know how this happened but technically this was the most convenient gym for me. So after weighing myself and nearly falling off the chair from how high my percentage of body fat has climbed, I’ve started their beginners program.
Putting aside the fact that there are just too many men pumping ridiculous amounts of iron in every corner, it’s actually a pretty good gym. And by good, I mean they have TV’s on all their running and biking machines. Seeing as I don’t have a TV at home, this is amazing. It actually motivates me to run/bike for a longer period of time because I want to see how the program ends!
Good deal, right? 😀