The Old Photos: After Church

When was the last time you took a family photo?

I found these old pictures from our family photo sessions we often had after church. One of the reasons I think I take so many pictures now is because my daddy was a big camera person. This was before we even knew what digital was, so he had a Fuji film camera that he would take everywhere with him.

He took tons of photos. Everything from our family trips to just normal evenings at home. But one of the things he liked to do is take family pictures after church. Probably because we tend to look nice when we go to church. And probably also because the church is such a nice backdrop for a photo session!

Nowadays, all us kids live in different prefectures of Japan and we only get to take a family photo once or twice a year. I guess that’s normal. But seeing these pictures made me nostalgic for family photos!

The New Years Service

It was really nice starting off the year at church.
The new years service was really inspiring.
We always have a potluck
after the new years service at church.
A full on traditional new years dish would be
the Osechi-ryori, a bento box filled with various foods
that have some sort of meaning behind it, to bring in the luck.
But we usually do a semi-traditional new years potluck
with dishes like Nimono (boiled vegetables),
Zenzai (red bean soup with mochi),
and Ozoni (mochi soup). 

But we did include a couple of traditional foods
that are eaten to bring us luck or a better new year.

We had Konbu (rolled seaweed).
It’s similarity to the word Yorokobu, meaning Joy,
is considered to be a very good thing.

Also had Kuromame (black soy beans).
It symbolized health and is meant
to wish everyone a healthy new year.

Considering how much we all ate
I think we are going to have a fabulous new year 😀

Oh! And we also took family pictures
for our Nengajo (traditional new year postcards)!
It’s been great welcoming a new year with family!