The Belgian Tree

Traditional Christmas trees are the best.
The smell is great and it looks fantastic when all lit up.
But since I’ve never seen a place in Japan
that sells real Christmas trees (do we even have them?),
you have to get creative.
And although our fake Christmas trees are pretty awesome,
I find myself going for the crafty artsy type more often than not.
So when I spotted this article,
I literally gasped!
Look at this gorgeous Christmas tree made from tea cups and plates!
This tree was designed by MOOZ for a small town in Belgium.

Apparently these cups and plates were donated by local residents
and about 5,000 of them are used to decorate this 30 ft tree.


We could never do this here in Tokyo.
Earthquakes and precious china do not mix well.
But what a great idea!
Absolutely love it.

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