The Afternoon of Social Distancing

Well, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

Here in Tokyo, we’ve been working from home for 2 months now.

At first it was great, mostly because our tech was not up to par and the VPN access was unreliable. So while waiting for that connection, I made coffee in the morning, cooked meals, did the laundry, watered my plants, went on walks. I’d never been home for such long hours and it was really nice getting to do things during the day.

But then, work became really busy. It’s one thing to be busy during normal times, it was completely another when we were still trying to adjust working from home. With the added stress of having to pull together a new team starting this April, the pressure was real and it felt quite isolating at times.

Now a few months in, we have a better communication framework in place and our team has adjusted, though I’m learning it’s all part of a process.

Some days are good, some days aren’t.

Slowly learning to work through it, and hoping it doesn’t leave me with a bald spot on my head like last year. Not the greatest look for me, really.

There’s a temple I stop by sometimes on my way to or from the grocery store, which is pretty much the only place I go nowadays.

I’ve always liked this spot but now it’s my go-to place to relax. They have a bench on the premises and usually no one is there, which makes it the perfect place to take in the sunshine, the quiet…just to breathe.

My favorite social distancing spot.





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