The Long Yellow Skirt

People with short legs should never wear long skirts.
But I don’t care what people say.
(Actually I kinda do.)
So when I found this long yellow skirt
I fell in love and HAD to get it.
(Actually didn’t HAVE to…but I did.)
And this weekend the long yellow skirt and I
headed out and took a train ride together.
I love how the skirt swooshes around when I walk.
And I only almost tripped once
when walking up the stairs to change train lines
and forgot to hold my skirt up.
(my recovery and pretending nothing happened was amazing.)
I think we’re going to have many more days together.
This long yellow skirt and I.

The Trip Back to Tokyo

Heading back to Tokyo today.
We took the express from Imabari and
headed to Takamatsu in the next prefecture.
Slept through most of the train ride
but caught a sight of the beautiful Seto Inland Sea.
We call it Seto Nai Kai.
It’s the ocean between mainland Japan
and the island of shikoku.
And there are apparently over 3,000 islands here.
The view is really fantastic.
We got to the airport with plenty of time to shop for souvenirs.
And we both went through airport security and
promptly got on separate airplanes.
The reason for this is that
my sister flies JAL and I fly ANA.
So this is how we always head to the airport.
Go together, get on different planes.
I landed in Tokyo a bit before my sister
but we met up at and went to Dean & Delica Cafe.
I love this place.
The yummy apple cider.
The pretty wood floor.
We were both beat but
it was a great way to end this trip.
Quiet time at the cafe to
recharge for work starting tomorrow.
Starting the year 2013 in Tokyo.
This is going to be my year.
I’m pretty sure of it.
Haneda International Airport Terminal 1
3-3-2 Haneda Airport
Ota-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 7am-9pm

The Tourist Day in Chicago

Starting off the day right.
(Tennyson knows what I like! haha)

Today was our day to do touristy stuff.
I love love love Chicago.
But I’ve never really done the touristy bit
so we headed out to shop, eat, and explore the city.

My first time at Millennium Park!
This place is great.
Because it has the Cloud Gate.
Best spot to take pictures ever.
(And trust me, we took hundreds!)

Isn’t this city gorgeous?
Maybe it’s because I work in real estate
but I love buildings and city skylines.
And this city has a ton of gorgeous buildings.

After walking around the city
we went back home so
Tennyson could get ready for his kickball game.

I thought it was going to be like
but we ended up at the beach!
Apparently their league does beach kickball!

Tennyson’s team didn’t win but
it was a close game.
And I had fun cheering them on 😀
After the game we met up with
Cesar and his coworkers.
At a Japanese restaurant.
Their servers were Thai…haha.

We had a fun day.
Can you tell from our expressions?

The Flight to DC

I don’t know why but airplanes are the only ride
that I don’t get motion sickness on.
So I love to fly.
I even love the airport security check.
I’m guessing this is pretty rare.
But whatever.
Made it onto my flight to DC
and spent a lot of time gazing out the window.
Not so great, radiation-wise.
But who can blame me?

So yeah.
Spent 13 hours
gazing out the window in awe
or sleeping or eating or watching Avengers.
(best. movie. ever.)
And finally got to meet Peanut.
Isn’t she the sweetest?
I was instantly in love.
Cannot believe how I was a bridesmaid just 2 years ago
and now they have a sweet baby turning 1 already!