That A&W at the Naha Airport

Hello Okinawa!
It’s been awhile
this prefecture I was born in
and yet know almost nothing about.
While waiting for the rest of the family to land from Osaka
I was drinking a root beer float at A&W.
At the counter they mentioned
that there are free refills for all the drinks.
It felt very Okinawan.
Or at least definitely foreign.
Hoping I can reconnect with this motherland of mine.

That Family Dinner in Okinawa

I love dinner with the family!
Especially when they include the whole extended family.
Not that anyone is sexist
but when the family gets together
we all naturally divide into women and men.
The men will sit in the living room
discussing various issues.
The women gather in the kitchen
preparing dinner and chatting.
I kind of like this tradition though.
This time with grandma, mom, aunts and cousins
the kitchen was pretty crowded.
But grandma look happy
saying, “it’s nice and lively.”
It’s been awhile since my mom and her brothers
were all under one roof so dinner was definitely a lively affair.
It was so much fun.
We were missing my sister, since she’s in Michigan
but it was great halving most of the family together like this.

That Day Snowboarding in Niigata

I made my snowboard debut!!!
Whoop whoop!!!
I really sucked at skiing
so I don’t have very fond memories of
mountains, especially when they come with snow.
But it was tons of fun!!!

The weather was perfect!
I somehow made it onto the lift
and got off at the top of the mountain
without falling down.
All my friends were already snowboarders
so I told them to go do their thing.
I figured I’d watch other people and figure this out.
At first I was pretty timid
but after seeing people snowboarding
I got a little more bold.
Which meant more falls.
But that’s how you learn, right?
The mountains were beautiful and the air so refreshing.
I literally could not move the next day
but it was totally worth it.
Yay for snowboarding!!!