The Merry Afternoon Around Town

The other day I was walking from Ebisu to Aoyama.
I spotted a lot of holiday colors around town, although I guess that is to be expected during this season. But even regular things, like green buses and red leaves! It felt great to be walking outside in the sun (even if my fingers were frozen by the time I got home).
I also found a really great flower shop and couldn’t resist buying a couple mini poinsettias to go with the holly I already had. Different shades of red and green here, too!
I hope your day is filled with joy and you have a wonderful holiday wherever you are! xx

Merry Christmas!

The Wedding Party in Ebisu

Last month my friends E and M had their wedding party in Ebisu!
They had gotten married with close family and friends in Hawai’i the month before and wanted to have a party with their friends in Tokyo. I was asked to help co-plan the wedding party with another friend Y, which I was really excited about. I didn’t learn until later that it would include taking on the role of co-master of ceremonies as well.
After 30+ years, I’ve come to know myself pretty well and one of the things is that I do better behind the scenes. Supporting is my thing, not center stage. I have huge stage fright and because I’m rarely in that position, I freeze up even more when I’m there.
Needless to say, I was slightly concerned about having to talk into the mike. And not only that, but you need to be on top of things, reading the crowd, checking the time, and making sure that the bride and groom are having a great time. (Did I mention I am also a worrier?)
But in the end, it all worked out.
The bride and groom were full of smiles, which is exactly what we wanted. Our plan to surprise them with messages from their parents were also a success. Everything went according to plan and it was great seeing them having a good time celebrating their marriage with all their friends in Tokyo!
Wishing E and M all the joy and happiness of this day and always. x
The bride and groom making their entrance.

I have no idea who took these photos on my camera…but whoever did, thank you!
E’s friend gave a poetic toast to the newlyweds.                        My co-MC was amazing.                

Friends surrounding the happy couple.
My flower arrangement for the bride and groom table, which I only had 15 minutes to do (eek!).

It felt good seeing everyone having a good time conversing with the bride and groom.
Who knew those high school ikebana classes would come in handy one day?

A piece of their cake waiting to be eaten, which they did after the party was over.
Like all good parties, it was over before we knew it. x

The Starlight Cinema 2013

I completely forgot about the outdoor movie I saw last month.
Ebisu Garden Place always hosts the Starlight Cinema during the summer weekends. They shows one movie a night outside on the large 300-inch screen. They always have a great selection of movies.
My friend M and I saw Mamma Mia last year and had a great time so we decided to make this a tradition. This year we went to see Nankyoku Ryorinin (南極料理人). The english title is The Chef of South Polar. It’s a hilarious story following a chef who is suddenly stationed at a south polar research expedition. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s such a Japanese movie, I loved it and was laughing my head off the entire time! Have you seen it?

Here are some pictures:

If you’ve never gone, I hope you’ll go enjoy movie night here next summer! x

The Field of Chocolate

If I ever find a a field of chocolate somewhere
I hope it looks exactly like this!

In addition to this
these pieces of pretty chocolate to display and to eat.
They are covered in dried fruits, nuts, and candied edible flowers.
Nobody combines food with art like she does.

There were so many pieces with different toppings
it was really hard to just choose one.
I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing so much
they gave me two pieces!
It was a beautiful collaboration of delicious food
and really gorgeous clothes made from handmade Khadi.
(I especially liked this! So pretty!)

The Anniversary Event at Kapital

My friend invited me to an event last weekend.
It was an anniversary event for KORA KAPDA
featuring food coordinator Yama Foods and
Satoko Kobiyama had a fabulous display of drinks and food
for everyone to enjoy through sight and taste. 
Flower drinks: Marigold+Orange Flower, Blue Mallow+Lemon, and  Rose+Hibiscus
Four different types of paste: Basil, Hummus, Beets, and Pumpkin
Everyone was eating crackers and veggies with the paste…yum!
It was kind of like picking veggies from a sesame garden.

I had a lot of fun just taking everything in at this event.
Pretty clothes and accessories on display.
Eating and learning about the food.
And of course, best of all…catching up with friends!
No better way to spend the afternoon!

That Evening at Ebisu Garden Place

We meet again.
I don’t even remember when we began this tradition
of meeting in front of the Baccarat chandelier at Ebisu Garden Place.
But it’s one of my favorite holiday traditions now 🙂

This year, the chandelier was made of 8,472 pieces of crystal and 250 lights.
No wonder it’s so bright…almost blinding!
Although we see each other at the tennis tournaments
everything is always so chaotic and busy.
It’s nice to get together like this to catch up over tea.
Especially before the holidays.
See you again next year in front of the chandelier! xx