The Day We Jumped For Joy

This past weekend I was in Miyagi prefecture again with my friends. And if you couldn’t tell from the gif above, it was a fun fun weekend. Posting pictures from the trip real soon but had to share our jump for joy today!

Who knew jumping around in the parking lot would end up being so much fun? We were a little tired but once we started taking these pictures, our energy level spiked. Before we knew it, we were doing crazy jumps over and over again.

You should try it sometime. You’ll discover a whole new meaning to “Jump for Joy!” šŸ˜€

The Year of Snake

2013 is the year of snake.
As someone who is deathly scared of snakes
I’m not so sure how great this year is going to be.
But the year of snake is known to bring
muchĀ economic fortune and healthy child deliveries.
Japan is in desperate need of both so
hoping those things come true!
InĀ preparationĀ for new years
a lot of people in Japan make Nengajo.
Nengajo is a traditional new year postcard
that every one sends to each other.
They’re kind of like Christmas cards,
which we don’t really do in Japan.
Most people just print out their Nengajo these days
but I still like to make mine by hand.
And I finally sent out the bulk of mine today.
Hope they get to everyone by new years!