The Day at Tokyo Disney Sea

We had so much fun!!!!
I love these girls so much.
Nothing can be better than
hanging out in the magical land of Disney
with your sweet sisters and BFF.

One of the things I love about Disney resort
is that everyone is SO NICE!!!
And not just the people who work there,
like literally EVERYONE.
It must the the magical atmosphere or something.
We were trying to take a group picture and
a couple walking by just stopped on their way to the entrance
and asked if they could take a picture for us.
I love small things like that.

Yoko got the cutest Duffy popcorn basket!
We ate two flavors.
Apple Cinnamon and Indian Curry.
I’ve always loved Indian Curry flavor
but the new Apple Cinnamon was really good, too!
Tasted like Christmas 🙂

We rode such random rides!
Tower of Terror
Jasmine’s Flying Carpets
Storm Rider
Center of the Earth

The girls put up with all my pictures (haha) and
we pretty much talked and ate
all the way through waiting in lines for rides.
I just shake my head when I see people
waiting in line together and
they’re all staring at their cellphones.
(Am I weird and old fashioned?)
Since we all live apart and don’t get together that often
it was great to catch up with what we’ve been doing
and share all those crazy stories.

We had a blast, Disney Sea, and we will be back 🙂

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