The Three Musketeers in Ikea

Shopping for a bunk bed at Ikea ended up taking all day.

Not that it took that long to choose. I had actually narrowed down the bed we wanted online and we were technically just there to buy it. But you know how it is…we had to try out every couch, gush over the system kitchen that would never fit into my apartment and ponder over how many pots for plants I need (and by need, I mean want).

We also took a break and ate at the Ikea restaurant. Not only are their dishes very cheap, they had a vegetarian dish on their menu, too! We all tried the Veggie Ball Kurozu Ankake and it was really good!

At the end of the afternoon, we finally got around to buying our bunk bed, which we somehow maneuvered into our tiny car. It was a tight fit going back home but I had tons of fun. Mission accomplished! 😀







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The Afternoon at Costco

Met up with my sister at Costco.
Costco is like Disneyland.
It’s too expensive to go everyday
but every time we go it’s like a magical wonderland.
I’ve learned to control myself at Disneyland.
I’ve learned that Bambi ears are not cute outside in the real world.
I’ve also learned that Mickey popcorn cases just get in the way at home.
But I have yet to learn to control myself at Costco.
You would think we weren’t two single girls.
Thank god for these huge shopping carts
or we would have had to get two.
But we had so much fun!
And I’m looking forward to not having to buy any
detergent or shampoo for the next 5 years. Ha.
After shopping, we headed to a near by onsen.
I love onsen in the winter.
Especially the baths outside.
We call them Rotenburo.
There’s something so relaxing and refreshing
about sitting in a hot bath outside when the air is chilly.
You can stare up into the sky and see the winter constellation.
Or the vast blue sky if it’s during the day.
But either way, I love it.
Rotenburo’s are really really great.
If you have never done this, you really need to.
We headed home all relaxed from the onsen.
And spent the rest of the night watching Happy Endings
while eating tortilla chips with cheese and salsa.
Pretty great day 😀