The Addiction to Leaf Gradations

First step to recovery is to admit.
So you heard it here first…I am addicted to fall foliage. More specifically, cherry tree leaves.
Last year, I had fun with colored leaves. But this year, I’ve gone a step further and discovered the beauty of dried colored leaves, if only because I left the leaves out too long after taking a photo.
Aren’t they beautiful?

How are you enjoying fall? x

2 thoughts on “The Addiction to Leaf Gradations”

  1. Do the colors hold after the leaves dry, and warp, like that?

    The park at the bottom feels like Shinjuku Central Park but I really wouldn’t know. Oh, yeah. It looks like Shinjuku Park Tower back there.

    This is a great post in that autumn just “fell” down here yesterday. Before that the temps were in the upper 20s and lower 30s Celsius. It’s pretty grey here too.


  2. I was surprised to see that they do, although not as bright as when they are fresh, of course. And yes, the last photo is Shinjuku Central Park. The colors are slowly changing to fall.

    I heard the west coast had a very warm fall this year. I guess that didn't help the drought either. Hope it continues to cool down a bit. Also, thank you for commenting in Celsius, I've been away too long and no longer understand Fahrenheit! 😉


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