November Link Love

Happy November everyone!

How are we doing? Good, I hope? I am doing swell (and I don’t use that word lightly). And it weirdly connects to my home computer breaking down.

Mid month, my computer stopped working. So I am currently updating on my cell phone. lt’s beyond inconvenient, thus making it easy to cut out a large portion of web browsing from my daily life. And despite a couple of other hurdles here and there, October was a highly fulfilling month filled with morning walks, good conversation and even a short hike!

This month is going to continue to be computer-less. This should help with my productivity, especially since I have a list the length of my arm of people I need to write a letter to. I know, who does that anymore? But, I do 🙂

What are you up to lately? x

——————————————————-Link Love——————————————————-

– Ways to say no, thank you.

– Baseball is bigger than baseball

– A lovely  visual introduction to kanji.

– That was way harsh, Tai.

– To broadcast your deepest secrets.

– This is all true.

8 thoughts on “November Link Love”

  1. The cable car is nice but there is less a sense of flying as with the ropeway. But the ropeway would be colder. The paved roadway on the right was too steep for my creaky knees. There is a nice path to the top over on the left but it was a holiday when I took it and it was like single-file-Shinjuku-Station crowded. Also steep.

    Takao-san is great for convenience. I once left home at 2 pm in the summer and still had time to hike around before dark. I like the footbridge. And Yakuoin Temple.

    A nice longer walk is to Lake Sagami. Two-and-half to three hours, I guess. There is a Chuo-line train home from there.


  2. By “…the first time” I thought you meant the station was right but not the way you went up the mountain. Then, just now, I realized you may have meant the ropeway was right and the jet packs less so. But it’s only a matter of time


  3. Good luck with the computer. I'd die without mIne, although my tablet isn't bad for some thIngs, but my typing speed on mobile is only 1/100th of my keyboard typing speed. I type so fast that computers are sometimes too slow…


  4. The station was right! We went in the morning so we had time to climb up (trail 1 & 3) and back down (trail 6). The lifts were undergoing inspection the day we were there so they weren't operating. Probably in preperation for the big fall foliage season!

    I have a blog post about it and hopefully I'll have it up soon 🙂


  5. I know what you mean about typing speed. But weirdly, I've been so busy with everything else that I haven't really felt the lack of computer. Except that season 4 of Elementary has begun and I haven't been able to see it. Oh well. Thinking about getting a macbook, even though I've always had a PC until now. Any thoughts?


  6. Personally, I don't like Apple. It is a good product, but too restrictive. I will always be a PC guy and an Android for mobile. Although I might buy an Android laptop in the future. All of my data is on Google, so that is the main reason I do Android and PC.

    I usually watch Japanese TV, so Elementary won't start till next year for me. I know ways to get around this for free US streaming, but I am just too lazy. Plus, I need a Chromecast or something similar in the future. I really want to try Netflix, but in Japan it isn't great yet. Lots I want to see, but still on the fence.


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