The Ayame Festival in Ibaraki

Japan enjoys flower festivals.
So much so that it’s almost impossible to get through a season without stumbling upon one flower festival or another. This was back in June (can we just pause the calendar for a minute? time flies!), when my sisters and I got together in Ibaraki, and because this Ayame Festival is apparently pretty famous in these parts, we decided to stop by.
The festival features Ayame, a type of Japanese Iris. A sign said that there were over 500 types of iris growing here. I had no idea there were so many types! We saw a variety of purple and yellow iris, all very delicate and beautiful. I liked how the park had many walkways so you could really see the iris up close.
There is a river the flows along the flower park and you could take a ride up the river in a boat, where someone rows for you old-school style. The park also has a very unique bridge that gives you a great view from above and is picturesque from bellow.
Here are some photos: 

Did you go to any flower festivals this year? Which are your favorites?

Suigo Itako Ayame Park, 1-5 Itako-shi Ibaraki JAPAN
茨城県潮来市あやめ1-5 水郷潮来あやめ園
TEL: 0299-63-1187
Annual Festival: Mid-May to late-June

4 thoughts on “The Ayame Festival in Ibaraki”

  1. One of a kind! Beautiful photos! I thought irises only bloom in summer. I've never been to Ibaraki Pref. but if ever I find myself exploring that region, will might as well visit the famous Hitachi Seaside Park.


  2. Ada, thank you for your comment! You are absolutely right, irises only bloom in summer. More specifically mid-May to late-June for these irises. I'm just really REALLY late in posting these photos 🙂

    I actually have photos from Hitachi Seaside Park in my draft box, too! It's definitely worth visiting, hope you get a chance to go!


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