The View From Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Sometimes I forget how massive Tokyo is.
Which is normal, I guess, when you’re in the midst of it all. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can make you forget a lot of things.
Like getting to this exhibition on architect Kenzo Tange that I’ve been wanting to go to. I’ve had my eye on this exhibition even before it started and I’ve yet to go. I have about two more weeks so I’m definitely going to squeeze it in somewhere this month.
But today, until I can get to the exhibition, I decided to take a short walk to one of his most recognized works in Shinjuku, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. It’s very popular among tourists because it has an observation deck on the 45th floor on each of its towers. And the great thing is, it’s absolutely free!
On a clear day, you’d be able to see Mt Fuji. But today it was a bit too cloudy. You have a better chance of seeing the majestic mountain in the winter. Right now with all the pollen, pollution and yellow sand flying around in the air, it makes it hard to see.
I personally just like looking over the city sometimes. 
It’s so huge. So many buildings as far as the eye can see. Kind of crazy. But sometimes I need this view. It’s good for me to get out of the office and look out into this vast land, jam-packed with buildings and people, to realize that it’s all about perspective.
Also, pictures of the city are always a plus! x

6 thoughts on “The View From Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building”

  1. My first view of this aspect of the massively endless Tokyo was from Sunshine Sixty in 1985. It completely overwhelmed me. From past experience I could not relate at all—from a great height as far as the eye can see—urban conglomeration.

    How did I adapt? How does anybody? (Actually, I know the answer: From familiarity, expand as appropriate.)

    If not actually visible, the building I worked in for 13 years is quite close, no more than ten or fifteen minutes away by foot.


  2. It's always fun spotting buildings and places you know from above, isn't it?

    In high school, I went with my friends to Sunshine City (they used to have a buffet up there somewhere) and we were looking forward to the view, only it was a slightly cloudy day and everything was white outside because we were literally up in the clouds! 😀


  3. Actually, as it turns out, I can see a corner of the building and more than half a dozen windows of the floor I worked on.

    Yes. It likely wasn’t fog or mist, but, like you say, you were right up there in the clouds. That kind of whiteout doesn’t happen all of the time but, obviously, it does happen once in a while. You might say that you guys went from a Sunshine City to a Sometime Pity. Still it sounds almost heavenly. Did you see any harp players out the window?


  4. This is what the place I once worked at looked like from inside in 2012. Or if you had a telescope trained on those windows during a talent show we had in 1993. I still have that Guinness T-Shirt but it only has about one more washing, if not wearing, left in it. Got it at the Guinness “factory” in Dublin.


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