The March Link Love

Hello March, hello all!

Are we ready for the blossoms to start blooming? It’s just around the corner! I’ve been seeing various ume blossoms popping up here and there. Nothing makes my heart happier than knowing that warmer days are ahead in the near future.

Last month was a lovely month connecting with friends, both old and new. We had awful chilly weather in February but all the laughter and fun definitely made my heart much warmer!

Also…can I take a second to tell you the most bizarre thing?

It’s a crazy story but, well, you know I adore instagram. I love my little community of instagram friend’s and the fun we have posting square photos. Well, every weekend instagram hosts a prompt called Weekend Hashtag Project and on Monday they feature a handful of photos that the intagram team has chosen.

Well, I always read the intagram blog and noticed last weekend that the prompt was Local Story, to capture everyday stories that were happening around you. So when I took a photo with my cellphone of some ladies walking across a street wearing kimono, I randomly remembered the prompt and posted it on instagram with the hashtag #WHPLocalStory.

So then everything was normal until I woke up on Tuesday morning to find my cellphone bombarded with notices from instagram, pretty much every other second. At first I thought my account had been hacked or my cellphone was having an episode (it’s Sony Xperia). It took me a minute (okay, more than a minute…I hadn’t had my coffee yet!), but I finally figured out what was going on.

My photo had been chosen as part of the #WHPLocalStory feature on instagram!

How incredible is that? Especially for an instagram addict like me. It completely blew me away. And I got to connect with the other people who were featured as well, which was just as exciting.

So yes, last month was pretty bizarre. How about you? x

——————————————————-Link Love——————————————————-

– Today was the last day of Some No Komichi.

Chinese Zodiac matchmaking guide (I’m Year of Dog, what are you?)

– Which is your cup of tea?

– Have you seen Tokyo without the ads?

Answers from Haruki Murakami. (Mostly Japanese but some English, too.)

– Also, an article on the answers from Haruki Murakami.

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