The First Day in Yakushima

You guys…I took way too many photos.
It’s taking me forever to narrow down my choices. Which is understandable because my best friend S and I had been planning this girls trip for a few months now. I hadn’t been down to Kagoshima since her wedding three years ago, so when I told her I was coming for a short visit, she suggested we take a trip further south to Yakushima. Of course, I was all for it. I mean, it’s been on my bucket list forever! So you understand why I ended up taking so many photos, right?
In the mean time, here are a few highlights from the first day of our trip to Yakushima!

The Rocket Jetfoil took us from Kagoshima port to Yakushima in two hours.

First thing we did was drive our rental car in search for food and we found this cafe!

Still itchy and puffy but happy as can be on to be on this island.

Yummy curry and pasta for brunch…we were pretty hungry.

We did a little shopping at Yakushima Messenger, an outdoor shop with hiking gear.

I bought a pair of socks for our hike the next day…too cute to resist!

We then stopped by a tiny cafe to drink Tankan juice and eat Kozuki Dango.

They look different but tasted just like the mu-chi we eat in Okinawa!

S and I always eat and drink our way through trips, no matter where we are! 😀

We were in awe of this beautiful Toroki Waterfall (トローキの滝), which flows into the sea.
We also decided to take a canopy walk through the woods…fun but kind of scary.
But we got to see views like this above all the tall trees!

After that we stopped by a tea farm and had delicious green tea soft-serve…so good!
We finally headed back to Miyanoura to check-in to our lodge, which was right by the river.
I cannot recommend this lodge enough…such a great place to stay!

We took a little time to explore the area around our cabin.
Our cabin was so spacious and had the best view of the river outside our terrace.

Ferns and moss…I took thousands of pictures, I love them so.

Isn’t this amazing? S and I decided to eat breakfast the next morning down by the river.
After checking-in our lodge, we drove out to Nagata Inaka-hama Beach.
It was too cold to swim but we had fun getting our feet wet and seeing the gorgeous sunset.

By the time we got back, it was pitch black. But we got to see fireflies in the woods!

We ended our long day soaking in the bath…so relaxing!

More to come soon…! x

9 thoughts on “The First Day in Yakushima”

  1. Miwa, it was fabulous. And it's really family-friendly, too! There was even a couple hiking up to see the Jomon-sugi with a 1 1/2 year old 😉


  2. I'm jealous. It's still on my bucket list, but I think you knew that a long time ago. 🙂

    The lodge looks wonderful. I will try to remember to try to stay there when I go. I was thinking to head south on the first day but if there is a lot to see and do up north, sounds like a good plan. Or at least around the ferry terminal. Hopefully when I go the weather will be nice as I'd like a scooter to be crazy. Then again, you are welcome to join whoever I go with, and you can drive a “support” car for me. 😀


  3. I know you have both Yakushima and Tanegashima on your list. But I'm pretty sure that anyone who has heard of Yakushima has this destination on their bucket list!

    The lodge was really great. A night here (without breakfast/lunch/dinners) was just 5,000 yen! And it was located close to Miyanoura port, which is why we chose it. Someone mentioned that if you were going to be hiking somewhere, you should find accommodation close to the location to get an early morning start. But there were great hotels and lodges all around the island. I think I'd like to stay in one by the beach next time.

    I think you can go all the way around the island in just one day. Our first day we drove south from Miyanoura port and went all the way to the southwest side of the island, before driving back to check-in to our lodge…and then headed up towards the northwest side of the island to explore the beach!

    I wouldn't mind driving a support car…if I had a drivers license! Maybe someday…! ;D


  4. 5000 yen isn't so much. I would take my time to enjoy as much of each side of the island as much as possible. Probably 2 full days is needed for me.

    It's time for you to get a license, or maybe your friend can join us and drive. 😉


  5. You can add meals to your stay and that's still around 7,000 yen, I think. Really great spot if you're looking to relax in the woods.

    My friend did pretty well driving, seeing as she doesn't drive often in Kagoshima CBD. Mostly because there is only 1 main road that goes all around the island and there aren't very many traffic lights. We saw a lot of people on motorcycles, too. We'll probably go again…and bring her husband along next time so we can drive around at night to see the sea turtles and enjoy the outside onsen under the starts. You're more than welcome to come along then 🙂


  6. Yay. I'll try. 😉 Although I may be too busy at work. I need a friend to join me on a scooter or something, and I also need a new helmet. Mine is too old. We'll see closer to that time anyways. 😀


  7. Helmets are so important when you're on a two-wheeler! Please get a good one. And keep me up to date on your Yakushima plans…I will use any excuse to go back again! 😀


  8. I always wear good helmets. Full face, but I love the ones with graphics on them.

    I'll let you know whenever I do decide to go. I'm afraid it might be way too long before I do go. My first priority is to go on a Shimanami Kaido trip.


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