The Canopy Walk and Soft Serve in Yakushima

We didn’t have a schedule for our first day on Yakushima. We thought we should wing it because both of us are not that great at rushing through a tight schedule. So we decided to be free with our time and to move to the rhythm of our mood. Which we did, and somehow ended up taking a walk through the woods.
But not just any regular walk. It was a canopy walk!
We couldn’t quite figure out if this was suppose to be a leisurely walk or a thriller. The view was fantastic and seeing the treetops up-close was an amazing new experience. But on the other hand, the path through the trees was pretty much a DIY project and it took a deep breath and a short prayer that everything wouldn’t fall apart to be able to cross some of the shaky bridges!
We had a belt around our waist that connected to a rope along the path, just in case we missed a step. Some parts of the path were actually 12 meters off the ground! Thank goodness, I didn’t have to test if the rope was strong enough to hold me. When we asked the owner, who let us roam the path on our own, what we should do if something happened, he simply smiled and said “Shout!” Alrighty then.
What do you think of this canopy walk through the woods?

The canopy path winding through the tall trees.
I think this was the only time I REALLY looked down to the grown under me…vertigo.
S was not afraid of heights…so she took the lead 😀
We were surrounded by the sound of birds chirping and the wind blowing through the leaves.
The ground was far away…but at least it looked soft (just in case!).
There was a spot you could sit…but I was holding on for dear life because the tree was weaving!
That’s pretty high up, right?
Again, taking photos of ferns.
This ladder looks a lot more beautiful now that I’m no longer on it!
Our final view before the path descended was this…Yakushima is just so lush!

After our canopy walk, we stopped by Yakushima Hachimanju Tea Farm.

The store sells organic Yakushima green tea, as well as this delicious matcha soft serve!

We took a walk down to a bridge that crossed over a river below.

We could hear the river…but couldn’t actually see it because the trees were so lush. 

Still sighing over how clean and delicious the air in Yakushima is…we headed down the road.

Canopy Walk
677-44 Hara Yakushima-cho
Kumage-gun, Kagoshima JAPAN
TEL: 0997 49 3232
Canopy walk: 1,000 yen
Yakushima Hachimanju Tea Farm
532-24 Koseda Yakushima-cho
Kumage-gun, Kagoshima 891-4207 JAPAN
TEL: 0997 43 5330
Matcha soft serve (with iced green tea): 200 yen

4 thoughts on “The Canopy Walk and Soft Serve in Yakushima”

  1. Thank you for the comment, Ekaterina! I hope you will get a chance to visit Yakushima some day. Definitely worth the long trip there! ;D


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