The June Link Love

Happy first day of June!
How are you all doing? Can you believe we are almost half done with this year? What.
So crazy how last month flew by so quickly. It was such a whirlwind (most of which I’ve yet to post here), I barely had time to breath. So much fun though!
Well, you know what June means in Tokyo…the rainy season is a comin’! I’m hoping the rain will give me a reason to relax a bit more this month. Although that may have to wait as I’m kicking off this month by heading up to Nasu for a wedding!
I wish you all an amazing month, too! x

——————————————————-Link Love——————————————————-

– Japan is getting a new public holiday! Yay!

– Which team are you rooting for at the World Cup 2014?

– Gorgeous typeface carved out of books.

These flip flops are my summer dream come true.

4 thoughts on “The June Link Love”

  1. A wedding in an area noted for an Imperial villa. Definitely a propitious omen for the poster….

    And with that NY map up there one can assume someplace like this in your near future.


  2. Yes, we saw many pictures of Princess Masako in the shops and restaurants we visited! I didn't know that Nasu was the royal family's vacation spot, but it all makes sense now 😉

    And you've just reminded me through your link how ridiculous the apartment value inflation is in New York. Unbelievable!


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