The Golden Week Road Trip: Chiba

Hello, hello!

How is everyone’s post Golden Week? Or if you’re not in Japan, your regular week? I’ve been dashing around Tokyo lately. May might end up being my busiest month yet.

But before I head off to Kagoshima, I wanted to share a few photos from my Golden Week.

What started off as a sleepover at my sister’s place in Ibaraki, inadvertently ended up being a road trip through Chiba. I know that doesn’t make any sense but let me explain. My other baby sister is currently a university student in Chiba so we drove down there to pick her up. Her campus was gorgeous. It was also quite far…who knew Chiba was such a large prefecture?

But we had a great time cruising up the highway along the shoreline, with Beyonce and Taylor Swift belting out their tunes (we were, of course, their backup singers).

Here are some photos:

My sister’s campus had a random phone booth sans telephone…so random!

Together again! We hadn’t seen each other since the picnic in Yoyogi Park.
The beautiful green arch of cherry trees above this path…isn’t it lovely?

I promised my grandma to send pictures…so we did a little photo shoot!

Look how lush and green the mountain is. I love it.

No better place than this to celebrate Greenery Day.

Posing for a photo before heading out to eat!

We stopped by the small beach town Katsuura for lunch!

Our yummy lunch sets…we were pretty hungry!

My delicious tamago-don (oyako-don minus the chicken) set.

My baby sister filled us in on how college life has been since April.

We left the soba shop to take a walk down to the beach.

I always love looking out to sea…something so calming about the sound of waves.

Another group shot before we head back up to Ibaraki.

A pretty sunset at the end of our road trip.

4 thoughts on “The Golden Week Road Trip: Chiba”

  1. I felt that the greenery of Chiba’s Boso Peninsula was greener than anywhere else.

    After a hike in the not-so-far-from-Katsuura-by-car-or-maybe-even-train Yoro Ravine (養老渓谷)we visited the Katsuura Undersea Park.

    Those beach towns in that area are really lovely and laid back. (Speaking of the Kaori clan).

    It sure looks like a well-spent segment of your Golden Week.


  2. So an utterly gorgeous, totally irresistible smile is a family characteristic?

    PS: That tree-lined road? I'm itching to jump into that photo to follow that road.

    PPS: Summer! Shorts and blue skies and ponytails! (^-^)


  3. Yes, the Boso is definitely a vast green area! Very much like Chichibu in Saitama, which is also quite lush with trees. Have you ever been there?

    We didn't stop by Yoro Ravine, that sounds like a wonderful place to be in the summer. I'm sure with my sister in Chiba, there will be more trips to the Boso Peninsula in the future, which I'm looking forward to! 😀


  4. Ru, you are kak lekker to leave a comment here when you barely have time to write your own posts! And yes, I knew you would appreciate the tree-lined road. I was quite taken with that path myself.

    PS: If you knew my sisters, you would have the exact same smile on your face. They are pretty hilarious ;D


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