The Golden Week Road Trip: Movie Night

The day after our drive up from Chiba, we were back in the car and heading to Costco to pick up things for our movie night.
Living in the city, I tend to forget that in some places a car is a necessity, and not just a luxury. I’ve never had a problem not having a car in Tokyo. Especially when renting a parking lot is so expensive. But every now and again, I like sitting in a car and not have to be squished against hundreds of people on the train. 
So with my sister at the wheel, we sped off to Costco. It’s the best place to buy certain things like a box of navel oranges or paper towels by the bulk. We also got a couple (and by couple, I mean a shopping cart full) of other things, too. I totally blame the size of the shopping cart.
Next, we stopped by Tsutaya to choose our movies. Our general rule is, each one of us chooses a movie we want to see. Also, no complaining about someone else’s choice!
I chose The Magic Hour, a hilarious Japanese movie directed by Koki Mitani. My sisters chose Mirror Mirror, the Julia Roberts movie of Snow White, and Iron Man II, because this was the only one we hadn’t seen in the series yet.
We maybe got ice cream, too.
Finally, we headed home to start the movie marathon. It seems like we all like movies with a touch (or depending on the movie…a large dosage) of comedy. We pretty much laughed our heads off throughout the whole night! But then that is what movie nights are all about. x
Here are some photos:

Listening to music and stopping by Starbucks on our way to Costco.
Sippin’ on the new banana frappuccinos…yum!

The drive-thru drinks from Starbucks wish you a safe trip 😀

My sister got the Mango Passion Frappuccino!

Looking through the aisles of Costco.

My sister showing off her skills on the ukulele ;D

Our shopping cart looked like this at the end…not too bad for three girls, right?
My baby sister stocking up on things she’ll use at school.

We ate lunch at Costco and had their ever large slices of pizza.

I can never manage to finish the whole slice…I mean, look at it. It’s bigger than my face!
We got ice cream, too. My double chocolate cheesecake and hawaiian crunch was amazing!

Taking a group sister shot with our ice cream…movie nights are the best!

6 thoughts on “The Golden Week Road Trip: Movie Night”

  1. Was watching a short video about how grocery stores help you buy MORE things rather than less. They mentioned the larger shopping carts as one reason:

    Those pizzas, I remember them. Last time my friend took me to Costco, I grabbed a slice and a hot dog. Finished it in one sitting. Then again I was hungry and it had been months since I had such Americana junk. 😉

    “Living in the city, I tend to forget that in some places a car is a necessity, and not just a luxury. I've never had a problem not having a car in Tokyo. Especially when renting a parking lot is so expensive. But every now and again, I like sitting in a car and not have to be squished against hundreds of people on the train.”

    Reminds me of when I had a motorcycle, and still dream of having another one. Nothing freer than riding with nothing around you except… well… other cars… Riding a bicycle is not the same as you have cars passing you all the time and you need a lot of energy to get somewhere farther. A bike, now that is fun.


  2. I grinned when you wrote, “We maybe got ice cream too.”

    That pizza reminds me of a slice of Whole Foods pizza I had not long ago. It was soooo good, and I try to avoid white flour.

    I checked out a movie preview or two at YouTube of The Magic Hour. It isn’t available at Netflix but I found a DVD at eBay. I will have to approach it with a “silly” mindset, I think. The premise is intriguing. Thanks for the heads up, “maybe.”

    Not having to have a car in Tokyo is something I loved. Now my transportation is more than 99% car and I’m used to it but, at first, coming from Tokyo, I felt like everyone was afraid of everyone else and locking themselves in a metal and glass mobile protective cage.


  3. I knew it!!! haha. Those shopping carts are huge. I cannot believe you at pizza and the hot dog. Hats off to you! 😉

    Bikes always look like fun…unless it starts raining or the weather is freezing cold. I'm guessing right now is the best season to cruise around on a bike. I've only sat behind someone (because I don't have a license) but you're right, it feels amazing!


  4. I've only been to Whole Foods a handful of times but they have so many delicious looking things, it was hard to stop myself from buying everything. I'm so glad we don't have it here in Tokyo or I would be bankrupt within a month! ;D

    The Magic Hour is one of my favorite Japanese movies. It's over exaggerated and some people don't like that type of acting. But my sisters and I all got into the movie. It is definitely silly!


  5. I felt much the same way about the possibility of living in Kichijoji as you might feel about having easy access to Whole Foods. Somehow I spent so much money just walking around there when I visited (often). So glad I didn’t do that every day. (I couldn’t have done that every day as I would have if I lived there. Not enough money. Like shopping at Whole Foods).

    I watched “The Magic Hour” last night and loved it. I am such a sucker for that kind of Japanese TV movie. As you say “over exaggerated” but also serious, dramatic, comedic, romantic, slapstick, stupid and a little tear-jerking. I have been craving such a movie to watch and they are so hard to find here. Maybe I laughed most at the Donald-Duck-looking statue with the anchor at the harbor. So silly. Definitely a fun evening. Thanks, indirectly.


  6. The weather is actually too hot now. When you are wearing a leather jacket, maybe even pants, it is very hard to keep cool. Then there are textile jackets. A bit more dangerous but better ventilated so it doesn't feel so hot.

    PS: The front is much better than the back, but I only sat in the back once.


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