The May Link Love

May is here!!!

Last month was a fabulous frenzy of pink petals and amazing weather (in my mind, beautiful days eliminated the stinky cold ones and now I don’t even remember them). I love spring.

This month is Golden Week in Japan! It’s a holiday combo of Showa Day, Constitution Memorial Day, Greenery Day, and Children’s Day. Last year, I was in Okinawa with my family during Golden Week but this year it’s just going to be me and my sisters, who are both in the greater Tokyo area. We’re having a sleepover and exploring a bit of Chiba together!

Holidays are great but travelling during this week can be incredibly stressful  at times because it is not only expensive but crowded wherever you go (especially transportation!). So this year we decided to skip the stress and do some relaxing locally. I think we’ll need this vacation to rejuvenate us enough to brave travelling back home during Obon, which is another intense holiday week in Japan.

Also, later this month I’ll be going to Kagoshima to see my best friend. We’re also taking a short trip together to Yakushima, which I’ve never been to, so I’m really looking forward to this!

Hope you’re all enjoying the holidays and/or spring days, too! x

——————————————————-Link Love——————————————————-

– Crossing my fingers this film comes to Japan.

– Nakizumo, who can cry the hardest?

– My love for avocado grows daily and this looks delicious.

The Oldest Living Things in the World are fascinating.

– Lately I am tempted to do this.

– We now have beautifully cut pattern seaweed in Japan!

2 thoughts on “The May Link Love”

  1. That top photo? 木洩れ日。

    I always cut my own fringe. (That's what I call it. I assume “fringe” is British and “bangs” is American?) Or rather, I trim it, and I always managed to mess it up. ^^

    Never mind bangs though, because … PONYTAIL TIME!


  2. That is definitely 木漏れ日…the prettiest sight to see on my walk to work in the morning!

    Fringe. I like that. Well, I want me some fringe, too. (Or is it “fringes?”) Been thinking about it for a while now but still have yet to make a decision. But the ponytail? That's been happening for weeks now! So happy to be warm again!!! 😀


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