The ABC Series By Hugo Yoshikawa

Have you seen these beautiful alphabet illustrations by Hugo Yoshikawa?

A French-Japanese illustrator based in London, his City ABC series features illustrations of famous monuments and buildings of a European city for each letter of the alphabet.

I’ve actually never been to Europe so there were some cities in the series that I wasn’t familiar with, like Jerez or Quimper. But it was definitely fun trying to guess the city from the illustrations. I even think it would be a great game to play at a dinner party (is that still a thing?).

These are few of the cities I’d love to visit one day. Can you guess where? x

9 thoughts on “The ABC Series By Hugo Yoshikawa”

  1. clever project and talented artist ! 🙂 Besançon for B would have been Brilliant 😉 most of the cities are worthit to visit 🙂


  2. Good choice of cities, Kaori. I could identify all but Zagreb, Croatia.

    Speaking of the Irish of the top Dublin, if a group of monks ever sets out to make an illuminated manuscript (like The Book of Kells , the creators of which developed their own alphabet illustrations) of a city travel guide they will know who to get to do the letter illuminating.

    Babzy now has me wanting to see Besançon either as a Hugo Yoshizawa illustration or by visiting as a tourist.

    At the Hugo link at your post I was drawn to the Paris Rooftops A3, especially the second from top. Maybe because I spent three weeks in a garret room on the top floor of a hotel with slanting windows like that. Not as shabby as this yet not quite as roomy as this. Next time I hope to be able to splurge on something like this. (Fat chance!)


  3. Oh Babzy, I had to look Besançon up because I'd never heard of the place, but it looks like a fabulous place! The museums and just the city itself look amazing. Thank you for pointing out this lovely French city.
    And with a Hugo connection, I have to agree this city should have been B! ;D


  4. I like that there are so many alphabet illustrations out there! And in my head, your garret room still sounds fabulous…because no matter what, it's Paris! 😀


  5. I haven't checked the page yet, but I'm guessing the cities and will check after.

    1. Ireland, so Dublin?
    2. Turkey, so Istanbul?
    3. London, England
    4. Rome, Italy
    5. Netherlands… Amsterdam?

    Now off to see the set.


  6. I know what you mean! I'm much stronger at geography in North America, too. And Z stands for Zagreb, Croatia! I've been dreaming about Croatia lately 😀


  7. Croatia sounds lovely too. I'm more into Italy, Germany, and Spain at the moment. Not going anytime soon though.


  8. Ooh yes. They are all amazing countries (in my head, because I haven't been there yet)! I was talking to one of the new executive officers in my company at a nomikai the other day and he worked in Spain, both Barcelona and Madrid, for about 6 years and he said that it was the best years of his life ;D


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