The Christmas Tree at Kitte

For a country that doesn’t technically celebrate Christmas in the religious sense, we really do have a lot of Christmas trees displayed all over Tokyo.
Not that I’m complaining. I love Christmas trees. I’ve seen quite a few different Christmas trees this season (like this) but I think I have finally found my favorite!
The one that had me oohing and ahhing is this Christmas tree covered in snow. It’s the one currently on display at KITTE Marunouchi, a new retail facility that opened this March.
It doesn’t have any illumination lights or decorations on it, it’s just a tree covered in snow but I think the simplicity of it all is what pulls me. I love it. This Christmas tree is one of the tallest indoor trees in Japan, standing a whopping 14.5 meters high inside the atrium. It was designed by Makoto Tanijiri, a Japanese architect, and will be on display here until December 25th.
KITTE is definitely one of my favorite retail facilities in Tokyo. The selection of stores is great and the outdoor roof has a fantastic view of Tokyo station, which was also renovated recently. It also has photos of the old Tokyo Central Post building displayed in various parts of the facility, which I also love. I’m glad they were able to preserve a part of the building exterior, which was originally designed by Tetsuro Yoshida and completed in 1933. Lots of history there.
So if you’re in the area this weekend and looking for something to do, stop by to ooh and ahh over this lovely tree, go (window) shopping, and/or gaze out across Tokyo station from the roof! You’ll love doing at least one, if not all, of the above. x

10 thoughts on “The Christmas Tree at Kitte”

  1. Three images dominate my Google+ stream right now:

    1) Fuji-san (clearly winter is Fuji fotograf season)
    2) Sky Tree (I ain't complaining)
    3) Kitte's tree (ditto)

    I've shot two of them myself. I'll clearly have to visit Kitte to get a full house. ^^


  2. Ooh really? I've yet to truly get the hang of Google+ but if Kitte's tree is on there, I want to see it! You clearly need to finish this Google+ trinity challenge! ;D


  3. I'm with Ru. I've been seeing that trinity of photos on G+ and FB. I'm planning to visit on Christmas. I'll be taking photos with my good camera that day. Who knows, maybe it won't be too busy… my fingers are crossed.


  4. I wonder if they'll do anything special on Christmas day? If you go during the day and avoid lunch time, there's only older ladies and tourists, so there shouldn't be a crowd. Can't wait to see the pictures! 😀


  5. Assuming all goes to plan, I'll be there just before 5. You should get on Google+ as I put a lot of extra photos there. I'll have a few on Twitter and Instagram too but Google+ is best. ^^


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