The Christmas Apple and Cranberry Chutney

One of the greatest things about this holiday season is the food.
I was beyond excited when my friend V, who is an amazing artist in the kitchen, brought me this homemade Christmas apple and cranberry chutney!!!
Have you ever tried chutney before?
I hadn’t heard of it before but I looked it up and the internet said that it goes well with cheddar cheese. I’ve been making chutney grilled cheddar cheese sandwiches ever since with everything from regular bread, brown bread, and even raisin whole wheat bread. So so good. (If I ate meat, I’d put the chutney on that, too!)
So it’s really no surprise that this lovely bin of chutney did not last until Christmas day. I made my last sandwich today. So sad that my chutney season is over but so grateful to V for letting me experience the joy of chutney in the first place. Thank you, V! x

11 thoughts on “The Christmas Apple and Cranberry Chutney”

  1. Is there any gift nicer than homemade delicious goodies received from a friend? And that intriguing blend of apple and cranberry.

    If V sees this post of yours she will forever keep you in mind when making other batches.

    When I first glanced at the little gift-wrapped package and Christmas tree drawn on the label I thought they were kanji of maybe her name. But is anyone named Yukasa 由傘?

    Although it is inconceivable that any other chutney could compare with V’s, apart from the standard international shops such as Kinokuniya, Meiji-ya, and the like, a quick check has Kaldi also as a possibility as a shop that carries chutney. There is a Kaldi at Odakyu Halc in Shinjuku. If they don’t have any maybe they could special order some from another of their shops. But this is only if you can’t abide waiting for V. Or just to satisfy your curiosity as to how other varieties don’t quite match up to V’s.


  2. You don't know chutney?! Oh, what a sad, deprived life that was fortunately saved by the kind intervention of a friend! (^-^)

    I can thank British colonization for my love of chutney: they brought it from India and SE Asia to South Africa. I adore it. It goes with EVERYTHING. Promise.

    PS: Okayyy, maybe not chocolate.


  3. I forgot to add on to the post but V is an angel and she also brought me Ballymaloe Relish, too! I love it. She is an absolute gem. And I agree with you, I adore V's cooking and probably wouldn't be satisfies with anyone else's! ;D


  4. You're right…I had a HUGE hole in my education, not knowing what chutney was. V was kind enough to educate me ;D

    PS: Have you ever tried it with chocolate? (you never know!)


  5. Oh. Ballymaloe (apart from the restaurant and hotel, etc) is that famous Irish cookery school! Did V study cooking there?

    I kinda like the looks of the frittata that they suggest serving with the relish.


  6. V is beyond happy that you enjoyed so much her chutney & relish! I LOVE cooking for friends and I'm glad I can be part of your life on daily basis through food. I will make some more when we're back in Japan and post some to you (maybe another kind of chutney). Thank you thank you for appreciating my food!! I'm chuffed to bits it was a hit with you! Miss you very much!! Hope you had a fabulous new year! Lots of love!


  7. Well Ballymaloe is the village name, the relish I made for Kaori is from there. I did not study at the Allen cookery school but my goodness, I wish I did and wish I will in the future.😊


  8. Happy New Year!!! You know I adore whatever magic you make in that kitchen of yours! I'm still enjoying the relish (I was too selfish to bring it back home with me, but I did mention it to my mom!). If you make more, I'll have to go down to Kobe to pick it up! ;D


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