The Birthday Sleepover

This weekend was my sister’s birthday!
My sister came over to my place for the weekend and my bbf also came over so we could celebrate with nabe at home. I always say this but this is the ultimate healthy and delicious meal to have with friends and family in the wintertime. So so good.
And what is a birthday celebration without cake?
This year I went by Giotto, a pastry shop in Odakyu Shinjuku, and chose their citrus fruit cheesecake tart. I should have taken a picture before I stabbed all the candles in it because it was very pretty, but you’ll just have to take my word for it. 

It’s become something of a tradition to use the exact number of candles to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Last year’s cake almost ended up being a ball of fire so this year I got three different lengths of candles to diversify the flame. I think it was a good plan, nothing caught on fire. But the candles were a bit too skinny and some of them started doing yoga moves while we were taking pictures! 😀

Don’t you love that my sister claps her hands after blowing out her candles? (She’s a kindergarten teacher…it comes with the occupation. So cute.)
And the cake was delicious!

We spent the night just chatting away. And when I say night, I meant way into the night. We went to sleep around 4:30am…but I think that’s what a sleepover is all about. Especially when you’re celebrating a birthday!
Happy birthday, Yoko! May your year be filled with happiness and joy!!! x
PS:  Isn’t it interesting how you congratulate someone’s birthday by saying, “Hope you have a great day!” in English, but you say something like, “Hope you have a wonderful year!” in Japanese? I noticed the difference when someone mentioned it to me. I’d written “素敵な一日でありますように!(Have a wonderful day!)” on a Japanese friend’s facebook page. When I went to see what other people had written, many were wishing her a wonderful year. Now I usually wish Japanese friends a full year of happiness but still stick to a day for my state-side friends (not that I’m wishing them any less of their happiness!). Which do you use often?

5 thoughts on “The Birthday Sleepover”

  1. Happy Birthday to your sister. ^^

    I usually say Happy Birthday and hope they have a great day. I never knew you say it for a full year in Japanese. I would guess that we say “have a great day” because it is their birthday. My rule with my friends, they shouldn't have to pay for anything and they shouldn't have to do anything. I went to a friend's birthday party (actually they celebrated 4 friends) and she brought her own cake! I was shocked to see that. She also set it up and was about to bring it out when I stopped her. We were all a little drunk then but my rules say no work for the birthday boy/girl.

    I also found out it was another friend's birthday (coming soon) at the party, so she didn't have to do anything either.

    PS: I notice a LOT of birthdays around this time in Japan. My friend says it's because White Day was 9 months ago. 😉


  2. I almost fell over laughing at your PS! I didn't realize White Day was such a celebratory day! But then again, my brother's birthday is in December, too. Hmmmm ;D

    I don't know if it's everyone, but many Japanese people wish you a good year ahead on your birthday, not just the day. Completely clueless about why that is though.

    I believe your rules are pretty much the norm in any celebration. And I agree with you, you should not have to bring out your own cake!


  3. Happy happy birthday to your beautiful sis! Glad you didn't burn down the table with those tilting candles 😉

    I think I say have a great day in English and 素敵な一年でありますようにor something along those lines in Japanese. Never really thought about it though. Interesting…


  4. Glad my rules are standard, although I was still surprised. She's too kind and her b/f didn't do anything at that time. Then again, she could have sneaked away at that time.

    PS: Glad you could have a good laugh at that. It is true though. I'm supposed to be a December birthday but I was born a month early. My parents don't celebrate White Day, so I dunno about me…


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