The Citrus From Ehime

Did your mama ever tell you not to play with your food?
Well sometimes the temptation is too great. Especially when your parents send you a package full of citrus. And believe me you, I was already devouring one mikan after the other while having fun with these citrus slices!
You may already know that Ehime is the top prefecture to produce citrus fruits in Japan. My parents (who live there) have several types of orange trees and lemon trees in their back yard, as do many others. 
I love the 100% orange juice made by Ehime Beverage, Pom Juice (ポンジュース). That is my go-to orange juice. Do you know the story behind the name Pom?
The company wanted the orange juice to become “Nippon-ichi,” meaning number one in Japan. So they took the Pon from Nippon-ichi, which later changed to Pom (something to do wih the word Pomelo), in hopes that the juice would become a hit. It certainly did for me!
Anyways, sometimes it’s fun to play with different citrus fruit while you’re eating them. They look so pretty. So much so that I even made a video of the oranges dancing away!
Also, I feel I should add that they tasted great, too! x
Here are some photos:

7 thoughts on “The Citrus From Ehime”

  1. Clever and creative. Not to mention fun.

    I loved Pom juice when I was an exchange student. So that’s where the name came from. Thanks for the inside information.

    The top photo makes me think of dehydrating them and using them for a kind of “beaded curtain.”

    The video made me grin from ear to ear and chortle. But not just me. She likes it too.


  2. Pom juice is the best! I love that we can find them even in convenience stores now. They certainly have become popular! 😀

    I've never dehydrated citrus…but then again, they never last too long in my humble home.


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