The Flight to New York

This flight was very educational.

I learned that JAL curry was as delicious as everyone says it is.

And I always love the view out the window, but I have also discovered the joys of Deadliest Catch, quite possibly the best TV show on flights ever.

I’m already looking forward to my next flight, just to see this.

2019-02-14 10.16.39 1.jpg

2019-02-14 08.39.34 1.jpg

2018-05-27 02.46.11 2.jpg

2018-05-27 02.46.10 1.jpg

2018-05-27 02.46.10 3.jpg

2018-05-28 10.12.01 1.jpg

2018-05-27 02.46.11 1.jpg

2019-02-14 09.41.29 1.jpg

2018-05-28 06.27.08 1.jpg

2019-02-14 09.26.08 1.jpg

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