The May Link Love

Helloooooooo May!

And if you live in Japan, happy Golden Week! Are you travelling? Or are you like me and waiting out this peak travel season to go anywhere besides the supermarket?

April was a great month for me. My sister has settled into my apartment this past month and now we have a pretty good rhythem going. I won’t lie and say it was easy. It’s always a challenge living with someone who is not yourself, especially when you’ve lived on your own for so long. Am I right? I may or may not have cried in the bathroom when my sister came with so much stuff that I couldn’t see the apartment floor. So yes, it definitely took me awhile to adjust. But then I think back to my days in boarding school with over a hundred girls, not to mention this will probably be the last time we’ll get to spend so much time together as just us sisters (she’s getting married in August!!!), and I want to embrace this opportunity and enjoy having a roommate. Especially one who knows how to cook! ;D

So that’s what’s up with me. How are you doing?

I really love this season before the rainy season. It’s been so gorgeous outside and walking everywhere has never felt better. Hope you’re all enjoying this perfect weather!

——————————————————-Link Love——————————————————-

– The breakdown of flag designs.

Chicago neighborhoods. (I love this city!)

– A new kind of camouflage.

– What book should you read next?

– The beautiful art of repairing.

5 thoughts on “The May Link Love”

  1. That camouflage is great. I know there is a polar bear in there somewhere.

    I wish you had an article here about dream interpretation. I had a weird dream last night that was so vivid I picked up a marker pen when I woke up and drew with as much detail as I could remember a black cat eating licorice in a coal mine”.

    I liked the kintsugi video and article. Rather than discarding broken things, there is lot to be said for repairing them.

    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was filmed around Chicago, I believe. A fun movie.


  2. I know how you feel. April was a busy, yet unproductive month for me. Got to see a S. African though. Next time we have to meet up with her. This month has been just as busy but also just as unproductive. Lots of little things seem like they will happen, then suddenly it is dead. That's life. Time to keep trying and trying to move forward.

    Flags are fun. I never liked the tricolor flags as they are often boring, but Canada is similar. At least the maple leaf makes it more interesting. I like Japan's old imperial flag but too bad it has such bad memories.

    Some of that camo was purposeful. They had the PDX carpet socks at PDX airport. So, that was planned. Still looks good though.

    Kintsugi is really cool and wish I could do it myself. Too expensive though.

    Happy hot weather, and rain too…


  3. Isn't it odd that some months feel so productive and others just the opposite? Hope you have a good month of May before the rain comes!

    PS: I think Japan's naval ensign is still the old imperial flag. Also, Asahi Shimbun. I like the rays, too. Then again, anything retro appeals to me so I'm not sure if it's the design or the nostalgia.


  4. I think it is normal that some months are more productive and others feel like… well…

    I did have a good day yesterday. Headed out to Kawagoe on my own. I'm sure you saw the photos, sooner or later.

    As for flags:

    The SDF general flag is similar to the old imperial one, but the rays are much wider. Same with the GSDF flag. The MSDF is almost the same as the old imperial one, but with the sun offset.

    Ever see the BC flag? My home province. Really nice but impossible to draw as a kid.

    The Union Jack with a crown in the middle takes up the top 1/3. The bottom is a setting sun over water. Change it to the rising sun (of course remove the Union Jack) and you have Japan's next flag? 😉


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