The Christmas With My DC Family

Dropped down in DC for Christmas! Whoop whoop!

I’m so glad I found a last minute ticket to see my favorite non-Japanese family! The girls had grown so much. K talks more than ever, and you know how entertaining that is. I actually have a list of funny quotes. Little J is just starting to walk around and she loves to make funny faces. They sure know how to make Auntie Kaori laugh and laugh and laugh 😉

Waking up on Christmas morning and opening presents. Boy, I hadn’t done this in YEARS. Much more exciting than my usual morning commute to work, which I would have been doing in Japan, that’s for sure. We had tons of fun oohing and ahhing over all the presents. I even found myself a present under the Christmas tree (it’s already hanging on my wall)!

Then we had yummy pancakes and stayed in PJs all day. Best. Christmas. Ever.

Here are some jolly photos:

The Christmas tree was so pretty, I couldn’t stop taking pictures!
Uh oh, santa forgot his reindeer!
Twas a fun morning full of shouts of joy and ripped wrapping paper! 
Oh wait, here’s another lost reindeer!
Full of sweet moments like this.
And giggling fun moments like this.
Someone is super excited about her new book!
First reindeers and now a Christmas angel is here!
K made me a beautiful painting of the ocean and trees!
Crazy fun Christmas day with this familia! How crazy was your holiday? x

3 thoughts on “The Christmas With My DC Family”

  1. Merry late Christmas to you! Okay, so over a month late is better than nothing, but I am trying to catch up on blogs today.

    I haven't opened a Christmas present in years too, and likely won't be doing so again for a long time. I'm happy to not buy presents as it is expensive in the end, but I do enjoy getting them. 🙂 Was surprised to see this on your Instagram feed and only a little while later you were back! I couldn't do that. Way too short for me.


  2. You know that my computer is broken, which is why I have yet to comment on your blog posts even though I read it before work. (My work computer has security that won't let me comment on your blog posts, boo!)

    I was only there for 4 full days…but I hadn't seen my girls in so long that it was worth the 17hr flights! ;D


  3. Yup. You need a new computer not just for blogging but for Sherlock too! Ru is probably dying for you to watch it already!

    Funny, can you read my blog at work? Too bad you can't comment there. Only hope you liked the Powell's City of Books post.

    17 hour flights are not worth it for me. I just couldn't do it for only 4 days. Even Vancouver would require a minimum 2 weeks or it is a waste of time for me. Although after 3 years, I'm sure I'd change my tune and enjoy even a single week.


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