The Merry Camellias in Tokyo

Aren’t these camellias gorgeous? They are blooming all around Tokyo and it feels like nature is celebrating the holiday season, too! 
Will you be doing something for Christmas this year? I have not officially celebrated Christmas in a while now because in Japan the 25th is a regular work day and it’s just easier for the whole family to get together on new years, which is an official holiday.
But this year, by the time you read this, I will be in the air heading to DC to see my non-Japanese family to celebrate Christmas together! I’m so excited!
It was a last minute decision but I’m so glad I’m going. Because as much as I’ve grown to love the Japanese New Year and its traditions, sometimes I like to have a bit of non-commercial Christmas as well. I’ve missed the family Christmas trees, giving gifts and singing hymns at church. 
So to those who celebrate, I wish you a very merry Christmas! x 

The camellia bushes around Tokyo look to be celebrating the holidays, too!

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