The Hinamatsuri Display at Keio Plaza Hotel

What? Hinamatsuri is over?
Yes, well, you’re right. It was last week. But I’m posting this anyway because some parts of Japan celebrate Hinamatsuri according to the old calendar (which would really be April 21 this year, but as the day changes year to year, people usually just celebrate it a month later on April 3rd…I know, so confusing!).
Although Hinamatsuri is not an official you-don’t-have-to-go-to-work holiday, it’s still celebrated quite widely in Japan (and sometimes abroad), especially is you have girls in the family.
Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku brings out this beautiful display of Hina-dolls (雛人形) every year during this season. But what’s even more eye-catching (for me) is the thousands of hanging ornaments made from vintage kimono fabric surrounding the display. There are over 5,500 ornaments, each handmade with love and hope for a child’s happiness.
Did you celebrate Hinamatsuri? Or see Hina doll displays?
I think this daikon radish was my favorite ornament for some reason.
The emperor and empress.
This will be displayed until March 31st at Keio Plaza Hotel.

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