The Flight to Okinawa

My love of staring out the airplane window continues.
Before I post the Okinawa photos, I thought I’d share some from my flight there (like I did previously with Matsuyama and Melbourne). It was a morning flight. A manseki (満席, full with no vacant seats) morning flight. Which means really long lines and lots of waiting.
But it was worth it because I got to see Mt Fuji from above and let me tell you, it was magnificent! Something about the new years season that always makes me think of Mt Fuji. Maybe I was Shinto in a previous life. Anyways, as always, I took tons of photos of the view from my window.
Here are some photos:
The line to board the airplane.
The airplane in line to take-off from Haneda airport.
There’s Yokohama port and Yokohama Bay Bridge.
I could already see Mt Fuji in the distance from above Yokohama.
And here we are with a closer view of Mt Fuji, flying right above Shizuoka.
It looks incredibly small AND huge at the same time…if that makes sense.
I actually spotted the path I took when I climbed to the top of Mt Fuji. Wow.
I think Mt Fuji looks even more beautiful with the snow, don’t you think?
The mountains of Minami Alps National Park were also covered in snow as well.
As much as I love looking down on land…there’s nothing like flying above the clouds.
I have no words for how amazing this view is.
First view of the motherland!
The ocean is so blue.
Blue ocean and green land…this is all I need to relax really.
Finally landed in Naha airport!
It is almost a 3 hour flight going there…but only a little more than 2 hours flying back to Tokyo.
And finally, you know you’re in Okinawa when these orchids welcome you in the terminal 😀

10 thoughts on “The Flight to Okinawa”

  1. Funny. I'm usually one of the last to board the plane. I wait till there is only about 20 people waiting to board. In fact, I was once one of the last 10 people once. Well, unless there were late people running to the gate.


  2. I've actually been the very last to board. I was the worst at being on time to the gate in my high school days. I've had to run with the attendant with the speaker a couple of times. But now I usually just check where my seat is and if I'm in the back, I want to board early. If I get a seat towards the front, then I can take my time. I just don't like being stuck in the aisles 🙂

    PS: As long as the flight is during the day, not cloudy, and heading south, I think you can see Mt. Fuji anytime! It's pretty great! 😀


  3. The very last to board? That is pretty stressful, at least for me. I'm usually one of the first to be there and one of the last to board. I just don't want to be inside the plane longer than I really have to. I just stretch as everyone is boarding.

    As for seeing Mt. Fuji, I almost had a chance heading to Hiroshima but I was on the wrong side of the plane. 😦 I guess you need to be on the left side heading south-west to see it.


  4. Yes, very last. And that was after being hunted down in the hallway. Pretty embarrasing because they closed the airplane door right behind me and I had to walk to my seat while everyone was already sitting down. Haha. Well, that's high schoolers for you. I think your reason for wanting to stay off the plane makes sense. If I had long legs, I would do that, too.

    I think it maybe depends on what airline you fly with but there's usually something on their website that tells you which side has what views. Here is the one for ANA: 😀


  5. I was going to completely agree with Miwa Theresa but then realized I could add that your Fuji also looks like artwork. Maybe a woodblock print in the making.

    Those are just about my favorite color of Phalaenopsis orchids..

    I really must visit Okinawa some day.


  6. Mt Fuji is a work of art from any angle, it seems! I really am in awe of that mountain. So glad I was able to share the photos here 😀

    I think you would enjoy Okinawa! Although some people don't like it as much because much the island is tourist-y and filled with military bases, but if you explore a bit you can find a lot of character there 😉


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