The January Link Love

Happy New Year everyone!

I am spending our whopping nine-day holiday off work for new years with family in Okinawa (if you don’t know, it’s the most southern prefecture in Japan). This means I am wearing short sleeves outside. Short sleeves in January! You don’t know how giddy I am about this!

Well, the locals were wearing coats…but whatever. The wind is definitely both strong and cold but when the sun is out in the afternoon? BLISS.

This year my family (also including my grandma and uncle’s family) drove out to my grandpa’s grave, which is on a mountain looking towards the east, to see the sunrise above the ocean to welcome the new year together. The weather forecast said cloudy so we weren’t sure we would be able to see the sunrise. But miracle of miracles, because the wind was so strong, it blew the clouds away just enough for us to see the glorious first light of 2015! Hurrah!

Did you go see the sunrise? Were you making new years resolutions?

I am good and ready to start this year. Looking forward to all the possibilities that 2015 holds for all of us. Wishing you all a fabulous new year! x

——————————————————-Link Love——————————————————-

– 2015 is the year of sheep! Did you send nengajo postcards?

This is going to be my new years resolution.

– Which airplane seat do you prefer? Aisle, middle, or window seat? (I’m a window seat girl)

– Tempted to get my hands on these.

New years in Japan.

– This hilarious imaginary library.

5 thoughts on “The January Link Love”

  1. Happy New Year!

    Your holidays sounds great. I wish I could walk around with a t-shirt all day. Missing that kind of weather right now.

    I don't send New Years cards but I did see some cool ones. Saw these from manga artists:
    and also these:

    I'm not so surprised that you are a window girl. Then again, I knew it before with all the pictures looking out the windows. 😀
    I'm a window guy when I'm going to new places. I like to look out the window all the time. I get blamed for keeping the window open when everyone is trying to sleep. *^^* However, when I go home, I am always in the aisle. If there is nothing to see, I'm in the aisle. But for take offs and landings, I prefer to look out the window. So what does that make me?

    Also, it's better to be in the window seat anyways. Less chance to get sick.

    Good luck with those resolutions. And preferably don't “let it go” on the train. 😉


  2. You weren't kidding when you said you had some interesting things to say!

    Wait a second, you mean to tell me that Canadians don't walk around in tshirts outside during the winter? What?

    This is the first year since I came back to Japan that I didn't send out nengajo. I feel like a rebel. And I missed crafting the nengajo cards so I think I'll send them out again next year (or rather this year). I love seeing everyone's nengajo though. Some people are really creative 😀

    I know what you mean, I sneak a peak or two when we're suppose to keep the windows closed, too! I can't sit by the aisle because I usually sleep through flights and I like to have the wall to lean on. But I guess if you have longer feet, the aisle is a great way to stretch out? Or do you like the freedom of moving around the airplane? I think preferring both means you're very adjustable depending on the situation and have both characteristics 😉

    Can't promise anything regarding “letting go” but I'll do my best! haha.


  3. I had worn a T-shirt until just a couple weeks ago. Just before the start of the holidays. I still had a jacket but too many people said I was crazy. Honestly, not a huge difference between a t-shirt and long sleeve shirt if you wear a good jacket. 🙂 Although I finally started wearing my jacket to work. I was content to tough it out with just my suit jacket till recently.

    I usually can't sleep on flights. The last time I slept on a flight was an overnight flight to Kuala Lumpur. I did sleep on a flight from Seattle to Las Vegas but that was pretty rare. I think I was just really bored. Since I'm awake, I watch all of the movies and I go to the washroom a lot. Hence the need for the Aisle.

    With longer legs, I so prefer to stretch out a bit. I like to air out the golden balls a bit more. I can never cross my legs like a lot of men can. If I cross my legs, I would take up 3 seats. I just need to use the washroom a lot so it is hard to not use the aisle. Although for flights under 3 hours, I will use the window.

    Hmm… I'm very adjustable? I hope so as I do have to adjust when teaching. Having both characteristics? Only if I can have the positive ones. 😀


  4. You were outside in a tshirt a couple of weeks ago? Now that sounds more like it! (Just kidding…please put on a coat, it is influenza season!) I still can't figure myself out but I am perfectly fine in hot weather AND snowy cold weather…what I can't stand is just cold weather without the snow. All I'm saying is, if Tokyo is going to continue to be cold, it better snow soon.

    Yes, I've come to learn that not sleeping on flights seems to be the norm. I'm glad I can still sleep during flights…and have short legs. Haha.

    And I think there were only positive characteristics stated in the quiz so you're good! 😀


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