The Halloween Day in Disneyland


Tokyo Disneyland is famous for introducing Halloween to Japan.

Truthfully, Halloween isn’t even in my list of top ten favorite holidays. I’m not sure if it’s because everything is all spooky, or because I’m just not that into costumes, or simply because I don’t like the color orange.

But my high school friends from Kyoto were in town and they wanted to go to Disneyland so I was game, as were my sisters and another high school friend. It was extra fun because my friend has a six-year-old son and there is nothing like experiencing the Disney magic with a real child (you know, not just the inner child in all of us).

It’s been years since I’ve braved Disneyland from the morning (especially on a holiday weekend!), so my sisters and I joined my friends from 3pm with the starlight passport. We did things that we usually wouldn’t do, like watch the Halloween parade or ride some of the smaller rides, and it made the day that much more interesting!

We stayed until the very end and when the park closed, we headed back to the station. My friend’s son, who had been up since 7am, still had enough energy to shout out “Tanoshi-katta! (That was fun!)

Mission accomplished! 😀

Did you know that Disneyland now has new passport tickets?
How cute is this couple? 😀
No trip to Disney is complete without popcorn! This was the curry flavor…yum!
The Happy Halloween Harvest parade was full of pumpkins, of course!
I now know why people watch parades…it gives them time to sit and rest! Group picture!
H is holding on to our 3D glasses for us…does this make him see 6D?
Getting ready to see Mickey’s PhilharMagic show!
Cinderella’s castle lit up in the night.
The Haunted Mansion was a lot more haunted than usual for Halloween.
And laugh, we did!
If you’re into Halloween, you can enjoy the decorations at Disneyland until October 31st!

4 thoughts on “The Halloween Day in Disneyland”

  1. Brave and EXAUSTING to do a full day in a Disneyland! That's why I always went to the one in Florida because they had a waterpark and I could just float around in the “lazy river” after the miles of hot pavement and waiting in lines. Oh…and I've often wondered how scary Disneyland will be after the apocolypse happens and nobody takes care of the theme park anymore. Sounds like a good scary sci-fi film in the making…


  2. I suspect at my funeral the following eulogy will be delivered: “Here lies Ru, felled by a book, the only woman in Japan who never Facebooked, Disneyed or parasoled.” :p


  3. Hi Ed! Thank you so much for your comment!

    I'm so jealous the one in Florida has a lazy river! That sounds fantastic, especially in the summer (or is it always summer there?). For me, half days are my limit when it comes to waiting in line at Disneyland 😉

    Speaking of post apocolypse theme parks, have you heard of Shane Thoms? He takes photos of abandoned theme parks (!western-village-theme-park/c1093). So creepy!


  4. And I shall have a eulogy that says: “Here lies Kaori, a woman among thousands of women in Japan who has been to every single seasonal theme at Disneyland.” ;D


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