The Next Trip: Kagoshima

Guess where I’m headed next month!
Yakushima has been on my destination list since forever. In my head, it’s a lush mystical island. An island filled with thousand year old trees that have a million stories to tell. Oh and did I mention there’s tons of moss? I really love moss. 
 Growing up next to the woods, I’ve always appreciated those moments when you’re surrounded by nothing but trees that reach to the sky and all you hear around you is the sound of nature. The rustling of leaves, a bird here and there, the wind rushing through the path. I took it for granted back then but the state of tranquility at that moment is like none other.
So what better place is there to get back in touch with nature than Yakushima, a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site? I can’t wait! 
 I’m also excited to see my best friend from high school, who lives in Kagoshima. We’ve been wanting to take a trip to Yakushima for years but it’s finally finally happening! We’ll only be in Yakushima for 2 days but we’re renting a car and plan on driving around and exploring the island one day and hiking in the forest the next. I’ll also be in Kagoshima city for a couple days, too. Whoop whoop!
If you have any suggestions or advice, I’d love to know! xx

11 thoughts on “The Next Trip: Kagoshima”

  1. I hope (the active volcano across the bay from Kagoshima) Sakura-jima behaves itself.

    Since a hike to Jōmon Sugi could take 10 hours round trip, I guess you are saving that for the next time.

    As I was thinking how the images I have seen of Yakushima are greenly, primevally, antediluvian I realized that you will be bringing back photos to share with us. “Whoop! Whoop!” indeed! Looking forward to that.

    When I was an exchange student I took over the apartment of a guy who left his Coverse All✮Stars on a rack outside the door. Luckily for me they fit. And held up for the next 15 years even though they looked old when I usurped them. I always wanted my own pair. When I saw your illustrated packing list I smiled because my favorite, most comfortable shoes now are my own Converse All✮Stars: the monochrome black ones.


  2. It seems Sakura-jima is always huffing and puffing when I'm in Kagoshima so I wouldn't be surprised if it's doing the same again 🙂

    Yes, we're going to go the 'Mononoke-hime route' this time around. It was too hard to pass up on all that moss! And my converse go with me everywhere, especially in the summer 😀


  3. Yes, that is my favorite temple in Kyoto! My friends and I weren't even planning on stopping there but when we were in Arashiyama my eyes found a trail of moss outside and I ended up convincing everyone to make a detour. As you said, they did have a lot of moss and it was amazing! 😀


  4. Another moss temple in or near Arashiyama (that you don’t need a reservation to visit) is Gioji. A Buddhist nun who lived there for 6o years has an interesting history which includes the famous actor Sessue Hayakawa (continued here, if the links work).

    I tried to walk to Saihoji from Arashiyama but I gave up three-quarters of the way there as the dusk closed in over me. It’s a long walk. The bus from Kyoto Station is more convenient.

    There is just something about Arashiyama. I’m glad to have a reproduction of this Kawase Hasui post card.

    Oh, but this particular post of yours is about Yakushima. I am looking forward to seeing Yakushima moss in its natural habitat.


  5. Yakushima is also on my long time list of places to go. Never had the chance yet. I'd need a full week to do that trip, but it wouldn't all be on Yakushima.

    I would use 2 days there too. Although I'd want to rent a scooter instead.

    Do you plan to have Tobiuo? I heard it was famous on the island, but probably not THAT famous.

    How about Tanegashima? If I go, I will have to go there. It has the JAXA launch pad. I'd spend 2 days, 2 nights on Yakushima and spend a day on Tanegashima before returning to Kagoshima. Or do the reverse and visit Tanegashima before Kagoshima.

    Hope you have a great time!


  6. Ohhh yes you're right, I think I had the temples confused. I'll have to dig up my old pictures to see for sure!

    You've given me a new idea for a blog post, thank you! 😉


  7. Yes, the longer the better, especially if you plan on hiking because rain sometimes affect hiking plans. I plan on going back again so this time is more of a pre-trip to Yakushima but I'm looking forward to it!

    As I'm vegetarian, I don't think I'll be trying tobiuo. Sounds interesting, although we see tobiuo pretty much everywhere in Japan. Maybe they're bigger down south? 😉

    Surprisingly I don't have much interest in Tanegashima. But if you write an interesting post on it, I may change my mind!


  8. Oops. Forgot the vegetarian bit. Takes a while for me to remember that. I have a friend who doesn't eat seafood and it took about a year before I got it through my thick head that he doesn't. ^^
    Now I just get annoyed that I can't eat fish. 😀

    Tanegashima probably isn't too interesting for many people. It was the first place to have guns in Japan as far as I know. Also, the big launch pad for Japanese rockets is there. Other than that, nothing much that I know of. Wait till I go there. Hopefully it is before your second trip.


  9. No need to remember! Most of my friends are non-vegetarians so it's easy to just scooch the meat/fish/chicken part of the meal on over to my friend's dish ;D

    I'll be looking out for that Tengashima post!


  10. Ah. Not such a vegetarian that you can't have cross contamination. I hope so. 🙂

    As for Tanegashima, gonna be a few years at the least. Still on my long term dream list.


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