The Afternoon at Granny Smith Apple Pie & Coffee

Did you know that ‘bestie‘ is now officially a word in the Oxford English Dictionary?

 I use it all the time and I know some people cringe over the word…but I like it! It’s so easy to say. Although that could just be my Japanesey side taking over. You know how we love to abbreviate everything! ;D

Well, I mentioned all of that to say…I went to eat pie with my bestie!

M loves apple pies something fierce so we decided to stop by Granny Smith Apple Pie & Coffee, a small cafe in Aoyama. And when I say small, there are literally only 4 tables-for-two and 1 table-for-four. But the store concept is take-out pie and coffee, so I guess they don’t need as many tables.

The pies all looked delicious! There were so many choices that it was hard to decided (see menu here). Very hard. But I had absolutely no problem deciding that we were just going to have to keep on coming back until I’ve tried every one of their pies. Every. Single. One.
I ended up ordering the Apple Cobbler (because you could only get it when you eat inside the cafe…I really AM Japanese. Ha) and a cappuccino. M got the Dutch Crumble and a latte. It was scrumptious and we had a great time chatting in the cafe, surrounded by the lovely fragrance of freshly baked pies in oven. I’m already pondering over what I’ll order next time I’m there!
Here are some photos:
My Apple Cobbler.
M’s Dutch Crumble
Isn’t my bestie gorgeous?
5-8-9 Minami Aoyama
Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 10am-9pm

10 thoughts on “The Afternoon at Granny Smith Apple Pie & Coffee”

  1. With my comment here it looks like you have one bestie and one beastie so far.

    Ooh. Hot apple pie a la mode. Yum! (Was your cobbler hot? I don’t see any melting of the ice cream).

    What a coincidence (just joking). Today I took a photo of a cobbler myself. But yours looks so much better.

    Is your bestie gorgeous? Is apple pie delicious? She looks so hot and her smile so warm and radiant I would imagine that she could bake an apple pie without an oven, let alone enflame countless hearts.


  2. I love apple pies but don't really eat them here anymore. When I go home I try to get some basic apple pie. I don't need anything special but sometimes it is worth the extra effort and these look great!

    Why I don't eat apple pies anymore? The Saviour hates warm apples… and apple pie… 😦

    Maybe I can go to this shop on my own. 😉


  3. I know what you mean! I started making my own apple pies because I couldn't find any when I had a craving. But I've been seeing more recently.

    Also, that's what take-out is for! Just one piece for you ;D


  4. I'll just have to take another friend there someday. That's the easiest. Red apple doesn't really work, although an apple beer might… 😉


  5. Dearest Bestie K♡♡♡
    Thank you so much for this heart-warming and sweet post♡♡♡
    I'm melting like ice cream with hot apple pie( *´艸`)♪♪♪
    So glad!!!!Thank you so much!!!!

    Words can't express how much I'm grateful to you♡♡♡
    My Bestie Kaori、ほんとうにほんとうに心から尊敬しているし、love you sooooo muchよ♡♡♡


    Your Bestie M


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