The Sakura Trees in Shinjuku Gyoen

A super short post to tell you that you should probably be in Shinjuku Gyoen today!
This is what it looks like from above. Look at all those different shades of pink, so pretty! The cherry blossoms from last year were amazing and I’m sure they are this year, too. I love that there’s never a season you can’t enjoy at Shinjuku Gyoen. x

10 thoughts on “The Sakura Trees in Shinjuku Gyoen”

  1. This was my first time seeing a sakura-filled Shinjuku gyoen from this angle, too! I rather like it. And what better way to make us of our high-rise buildings in Shinjuku? ;0)


  2. Beautiful!

    This has been an unusual sakura season: it reached full bloom so quickly, and it's already almost over. After today's rain, that's it, bye-bye blossoms. 😦


  3. You certainly did make good use of a Shinjuku high-rise, although it looks like you may have used a powered paraglider, if not wings of your own. Hmm. A paraglider. That could be handy during your break time at work. If only a little birdie would plant that seed in the ear of your boss.

    I wondered what that blue-sky-reflecting, scaly-looking dinosaur was in the top left of the garden but I see now it is the new greenhouse. I liked the orchids at the end of the little video. But even better is the photo in your post today.


  4. The weather went from cold to warm so suddenly, I'm sure the cherry blossoms were just as surprised as we were! I still see quite a bit of pink in Shinjuku Gyoen from my office but if the wind comes with the rain this weekend, I'm guessing that's it for this season. But if you're desperate enough, you can always go a bit north to enjoy sakura season for a little while longer ;D


  5. You've just reminded me that I took photos of the new greenhouse last year and haven't gotten around to posting it here! It's a really nice building, especially in the winter because it warms you right down to your toes while you explore the place!

    And you're right, it DOES look like a dinosaur in the photo! 😉


  6. I actually haven't made it inside Shinjuku Gyoen, either! But the great thing about cherry blossoms are, there's always next year 😉


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