The April Link Love

It’s April, and no, I’m not fooling you at all. It’s really here, how fast was that?
I have to tell you though, I am on cloud nine lately. The sun, the sky, the blossoms. I love it all. I can’t even complain about the occasional sneeze or two because nothing can bring me down when spring comes around!
In addition all the spring excitement, my sisters were in town and we had a big sleepover last weekend. We went to see a movie (we saw One Chance!), did a little hanami here and there, and had a really great lazy picnic on one of the warmest days ever. It was the absolute best day for a picnic. 
April is here right as the cherry blossoms in Tokyo hit their peak blossom season. I’m looking forward to another month of fun with friends and maybe a few more moments of hanami, too. (Beware of multiple sakura posts!)
Do you have any plans for hanami? Wishing you all an amazing April! xx

——————————————————-Link Love——————————————————-

– Determined to master the card game Daifugo (do you know how to play?).

– This and tax hike should make for an interesting year in Japan.

– When volcanoes explode flower petals.

– Beautiful and delicious maps of countries.

– Every wonder what Japanese college kids are eating?

– I’ve always loved sumo and think these photos are gorgeous.

6 thoughts on “The April Link Love”

  1. I wonder if I can do well enough at Daifugo. I used to play Big 2 a lot, especially in High School. It was fun but beware of gambling on it. There is usually a multiplier if you have too many cards. If you play 100 yen a card, if you had more than 7 cards the costs doubled. Tripled if you had over 13 cards, I think. Can't remember and it depended on who you played with.

    Gakushoku? I heard of it, saw it, but was never brave enough to try it. 😦


  2. Beautiful photo! I was so excited about taking E to hanami but both she and I are cooped up at home with a bad cold… I'm hoping the flowers will hang in there till we feel better, but I don't know :/


  3. My sister is amazing at Daifugo. She can finish her round in one try without us ever getting a chance to beat her.

    I've never heard of Big 2 before but it seems to be similar in some aspects to Daifugo. I've also never bet with Daifugo but since I know I really suck at this game, I probably wouldn't anyway 😉

    My university apparently has a really great Gakushoku, it was ranked first! I remember some of it was really good (couldn't try all because I'm vegetarian) and super cheap. You should try it sometime if you're near a university campus! It would be a great blog post!


  4. Thanks Miwa. I feel like I take the same picture of the sakura every year but I still want to take the photo anyway!

    I'm so sorry you're both feeling under the weather! If you choose a spot with a variety of cherry trees (like Shinjuku Gyoen) they should still be in full bloom for a while. Also the random cherry tree standing in the shade will always bloom later than the others! I hope I get to see a photo of you and E enjoying hanami 🙂


  5. I guess I should try playing your sister, but I need to learn the variation of Daifugo. Might be able to not lose too badly to her… but the last time I played Big 2 was years ago…

    Gakushoku in your old school? I'd try it but I'm always too scared to enter the schools. I'm afraid I'll get kicked out. 😦 Maybe I can be a teacher and then go in easily. ^^


  6. I know what you mean the rules for daifugo are varied depending on where and who you play with! My high school had a lot of extra rules that made the game much more complicated but it's all discussed before we start the game, so you should be okay 😉

    Oh and don't worry, most gakushoku allow non-students inside. At least mine did! I'd see construction workers and regular office workers there all the time 😉


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