The Sky Above Tokyo

That moment when the sky above Tokyo is so gorgeous, everything is right in the world.

And that moment you realize that thousands of mosquitos had been attacking you all the while you were taking photos of the gorgeous sky (okay, so only 9 bites…but it felt like thousands!)

But then that moment you notice that one of the mosquito bites is shaped like a heart.

Well…life is really a roller coaster full of ups and downs, isn’t it? x

8 thoughts on “The Sky Above Tokyo”

  1. I started grinning when I read this post. I went shrine-hunting yesterday morning, and discovered a mysterious Inari shrine in the heart of Nishi-Waseda. So: that moment when you're admiring a gorgeous fox and you realize that a mob of mosquitoes is admiring you …

    Sign of autumn: beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Sign that summer isn't ready to hand over power yet: mozzies.


  2. You're so right. We are smack in the middle of seasons right now, which I love and sometimes hate. I end up cursing like a sailor and forget my evening run because of them mosquitos, argh! But of course, our sunsets and foxes are completely worth it, right Ru? 😀


  3. Love the colors! I am a total sucker for sunsets and this one is amazing.

    I always go out on my balcony to take sunsets and I'm usually being attacked by my daughter who is at my feet, pulling my pants or trying to climb up my leg. But when you gotta capture a moment, you gotta capture a moment, right? No mosquitoes or children can stand between us 😉


  4. Don't worry, I'm not THAT slow! Now that you mention it, I never get bitten when I'm running. But on my walk home, there's a river that attracts mosquitoes by the masses! ;P


  5. I actually ran to go up the stairs because I didn't want to miss it in all its glory! I love sunsets like these. And you're right, pretty much nothing can stand in our way of capturing the moment! ;D


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