The Afternoon with the Kiddos

My heart is still melting!
My former boss had baby L just a day after the Royal baby was born and is currently on parental leave. So last weekend a couple of us finally went to visit and spent the afternoon with the new big brother status R and baby L! My coworker also brought her 3rd grade twins so it was quite a lively affair!
Baby L was so tiny. It’s amazing how newborns are so small at first. She would make these big eyes while drinking milk that had all of us cracking up. What a sweetheart.
Big brother R was such a smart kid and fun to play with. He’s started talking so he would show us all his toys and what color they were. He’d run around screaming like kids his age do. He requested that my friend read him the Nemo book and when she finished, he turned to her and said Moh ikkai! which means Again! 😀
Spending time with these kiddos was so much fun. I loved every minute of it!

5 thoughts on “The Afternoon with the Kiddos”

  1. Aren't they though? It was such a fun afternoon. You really forget how tiny a newborn is because they grow so fast! There's nothing like when a baby grabs your finger in their teeny tiny hands ;D


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