The Pool Day After Work

In one of my efforts to deny the fact that summer is coming to an end, my bff and I went to hang out at a pool the other day after work.
Did you know Keio Plaza hotel has a pool? It’s right down the street from where I work so it’s the perfect spot to cool down during the summer. It’s kind of surreal seeing the skyscrapers rise high above us. It’s also a great place to practice the breaststroke. I’d forgotten how much harder it is to stay afloat in the pool when compared to the ocean. I think we were the only ones swimming laps but it was fun.
Week day pool nights are the best!

4 thoughts on “The Pool Day After Work”

  1. I love the idea of a nighttime swim, but … can neon lights deepen your tan? 😀

    PS: Please note Starbucks cup, everybody!

    PPS: Did you notice how many leaves the keyaki trees in front of the hotel have lost?


  2. Seventh-floor Sky Pool? It would be strange looking way up at skyscrapers while on the 7th floor.

    I can’t help thinking of another pool in a Shinjuku hotel.

    (It being a pool maybe those are UV lights. To keep out the glare I guess you would need a pair of moonglasses).


  3. My skin accumulates the tiniest rays into a tan so you never know!

    PS: Oh you noticed my drink! Teehee. Of course it's Starbucks…conveniently located in the next building over.

    PPS: Did you notice, too? It seems like the trees have been in fall mode all through the summer this year! Keeping my eye on them…


  4. I didn't know Park Hyatt had a pool, too. It looks like it's indoors? I always forget about that hotel since it's so far away! Maybe we'll have to give that pool a try after it gets too cold outside 😉


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