The Lunch at J.S. Burger

A lot of people often ask me if being vegetarian in Japan is very difficult.
My answer is always, it can be but not for me. Mostly because I’m not vegetarian by choice but because I just don’t like the taste of meat or fish. So I’m okay with meat/fish broth and having meat in my dish (I just push it to the side). I’m not allergic, either. It just doesn’t taste good to me. So for me, being vegetarian is pretty much an extension of being a picky eater.
Japan seems to be known for being unfriendly towards vegetarians. And at times it is…but I think that’s just fine. I mean, being vegetarian is a luxury. But Tokyo is becoming more vegetarian friendly by the day.
Take a look at this amazing vegetarian burger! It’s so good I crave it often. They also have regular burgers (which I hear are pretty amazing as well!) so next time you’re hungry for a burger, try this yummy cafe! 😀
6-6-2 Jingu-mae
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

2 thoughts on “The Lunch at J.S. Burger”

  1. “So for me, being vegetarian is pretty much an extension of being a picky eater.” You're describing me! 😀

    Just as well we're not vegan: no milk, no Starbucks, no chocolate. Oh, the horror!


  2. A South African/Japanese vegetarian!? Are you serious? 😀

    I could never consider vegan. It's unhealthy to do without chocolate!!!


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